Tips for Keeping Your Baby Warm in the Winter

Keeping Your Baby Warm
Keeping Your Baby Warm

When it comes to dressing our babies for a chilly winter day, it’s challenging as babies can’t tell us if they’re comfortable, and we typically overdo it rather than skimp on the warm clothes.

We’ve put together some tips on how to dress your bub in the “utmost comfort zone” between too hot and too cold.

Layer and Layer! 

If you aren’t sure how to dress your baby, the easiest way is to dress them as you do, then add a layer. For instance, if you’re wearing a shirt, light sweater, and jeans, put your child in a long-sleeved bodysuit, footsie, hoodie, and pants. Also, consider tucking your baby into a snowsuit or bunting or layering on a couple of blankets if you’re wearing a heavy winter coat.

Dressing your baby in layers is ideal when indoors. Combine a bodysuit or onesie with a fleece one-piece. Consider socks under booties and gloves to cover their tiny feet and fingers when wearing pants and tops.

Don’t forget to cover the little head

Make sure to cover your bub’s head with beanies or caps as they tend to lose much of their body heat through their tiny head. An ear-covering hat with a chin strap is a good pick. You may also consider tugging mittens over your baby’s hands if they’re exposed. Baby bodysuits often have little hand covers at the cuffs, which are also practical.

Dressing your baby for sleep 

Dressing your baby for sleep is especially important because loose bedding, blankets, etc… should never be used. Keeping babies cool is better than overheating as babies sleep better when they’re comfortable, while overheated babies are more susceptible to SIDS. You may want to check your little one’s neck for excessive sweating.

Bedmates Need Less

Your baby will benefit from the warmth of your body and need fewer clothes if she is lying next to you in bed. Perhaps a long-sleeved bodysuit, baby onesies and leggings or a fleece sleeper will be enough when snuggled up to mom.

Stroke those tiny toes

You can check your baby’s temperature by feeling their toes and belly as you get indoors after spending time outdoors. It’s important for your baby’s toes to feel cool but not too cold and her belly to feel warm. 

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Bundle and Unbundle 

You may want to bundle up your baby in layers when headed out and unwrap a few of them once you’ve arrived at your nest. Your baby has just as much trouble cooling down as he does heating his body.

Bottom line 

  • When outdoors, dress your baby in layers, including a onesie and long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and jackets.
  • Make sure you wear socks under your baby’s pajamas.
  • Babies tend to lose most of their heat through their heads. So keep them warm by wearing a hat.
  • Consider warming your car before traveling.
  • When putting your baby in a car seat, never have them wear bulky jackets or snowsuits. Instead you may consider using blankets over the straps.