How to Purchase the Right Mattress According to Our Needs

Purchase the Right Mattress

Amongst all the top-of-the-range gadgets and technologies flooding our daily lives, some of the most fundamental requirements have still remained the same over decades. One of them is a comfortable bed. Be it a person of any age, gender, or profession, a good night’s sleep is a must for one’s good health and well-being. And a huge factor that leads to a good night’s sleep is a good mattress. Here is a mattress buying guide to help you zero in on the right mattress for you.

Purchase the Right Mattress

Decide on the type of mattress you need

Conventionally, there are different types of mattresses that are suitable for different people. Every type has a distinct texture that might or might not suit you. Get a brief idea about what each mattress entails.

1. Memory foam

These are typically very cozy, because they mold into the shape of your body. They have good pressure-relieving effects, which is why a number of orthopedics prescribe these types to patients with lower back pain.

2. Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses have support coils made of steel that support the bed by forming a core. They also contain an additional layer of padding that can make for a comfortable surface to sleep on. The in-extensible material of these mattresses makes them more durable than most other mattresses in the market.

3. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses have multiple layers made of foam and springs. They are well-balanced to be bouncy, but at the same time, don’t give the poking sensation that traditional innerspring mattresses do.

4. Latex

Latex mattresses contain natural latex as their majority constituent. They also contain foams and fibers to add to their supporting ability. These mattresses are hypoallergenic, so they keep dust mites away. They are also easily manageable and are Eco-friendly.

5. Airbed

Airbed mattresses have a chamber filled with air that acts as the core. These mattresses deliver maximum flexibility with respect to firmness. They are usually comfortable for one-night stays, but can cause spinal misalignment if you regularly sleep on them.

How firm or soft should your mattress be?

Depending on your body weight and sleeping position, you should decide on the firmness of your mattress.

1. Extra soft

Extra soft mattresses are usually ideal for children, or people who are lean and weigh around 60 Kgs. They are plush and comfortable, but if your mattress is too soft, it might eventually cause spinal misalignment.

2. Soft

Soft mattresses are usually recommended for people with back or joint pains. They instantly release pressure from your painful joints, thus giving you relief. But again, these are not recommended for people who weigh above 85 Kgs.

3. Medium soft

Medium soft mattresses for side sleepers are good who weigh around 80 to 100 Kgs. They are also recommended by a lot of orthopedics for patients suffering from lower back pain. They hug the body nicely to give you comfort, while also maintaining the support to your spine.

4. Medium

These are the mattresses that lie in the middle of the firmness spectrum. They are good for side sleepers especially because they take care of the pressure points in the shoulders and hips which are prone to injury if you sleep on your side.

5. Medium-firm

Believe it or not, medium-firm mattresses have shown to provide more relief for back pain than firm mattresses.

6. Firm

If you are a back or stomach sleeper, firm mattresses are the ones to go for. They are breathable and provide ample support.

7. Extra-firm

They provide a stable support system for back and stomach sleepers over 100 Kgs. Although, make sure that your mattress isn’t too firm, or it might actually give rise to back pain.

Your sleeping position

If you’re a side sleeper, stick to soft or medium soft mattresses that cushion the pressure points in your hips and shoulders. For back and stomach sleepers who need adequate support in their lumbar region, medium firm to firm mattresses should suffice.


Mattress prices vary depending on a number of things, including quality, comfort, and material. A mattress price for a latex mattress might be way higher than a foam mattress. So, it’s not a given rule that the more expensive your mattress is, the better it will be. At the end of the day, you should choose the mattress that is ideal for your comfort levels, body weight, and sleeping style.