Things You Need to Know About Waist Training Corsets

Waist Training Corsets

Corset training has been in the business for ages now, but celebrities such as the Kardashians are to blame for the sudden surge in corset training. Waist Training Corsets or Waist training is used to achieve an ‘hourglass figure by cinching your waist using tough fabric and held together with materials such as lace, hooks, or Velcro. Traditionally used by the royals and the affluent fragment of society to make their waists look smaller, this garment is back in the business with various alterations.

Is waist training a way of attaining the popular hourglass figure or is it just a way of torturing women to look prettier to satisfy a man’s needs and wants? Here are things that you need to know about waist training corsets before beginning your journey into corset training. Before starting your waist training journey for whatever reasons it is important to understand if the method is effective and safe.

Waist Training Corsets

What is waist training?

A waist trainer is a shaping garment used to cinch your waist and make them look slimmer and smaller. The idea behind waist training is to pull the midsection of the person as tight as possible to achieve a small waist. The pulling action shapes your midsection to look smaller and slimmer.

Waist trainers are supposed to ‘train’ the waist to look smaller after wearing the garment frequently over some time. Some even believe that corsets help you lose weight while achieving the most desired hourglass figure.

Does waist training help you achieve benefits other than cinching your waist?

Waist trainers work similarly to corsets. Corsets are back in fashion but the infamous cousin – waist training has fallen out of fashion due to various health reasons.

Waist trainer provides immediate results and you’ll notice your waist cinched within the first use itself. However, once you remove the corset you’ll notice your waist regain its actual shape back; your waist would no longer look smaller.

Waist training also does not help lose body fat. So, if you’re looking to lose some body fat around your midsection, don’t rely only on corset training to help you reduce weight.

Wearing corsets for longer intervals of time can create an artificial feeling of fullness. You might feel a loss of appetite because of the pressure the garment puts on the midsection.

The supposed effects of waist training

Waist training is believed to provide various benefits other than achieving an hourglass figure. Here are some supposed health benefits that waist training offers.

  • Hourglass figure

The hourglass figure was considered an enviable asset of women. Women with hourglass figures are considered superior to others. A waist trainer helps achieve the perfect hourglass figure. It is an easy and effective method to achieve cinched waists. Wearing corsets for longer intervals of time will show immediate results and will make your waists look smaller. However, once removed your waist will no longer look smaller. Waist training is unlikely to provide a lasting effect.

The garment does not change your body instantly, but various claims show that gradual use of a waist trainer makes your waist look slimmer and smaller.

  • Weight loss

Weight loss from waist training is more likely because of the increased sweating while wearing the waist trainer corset. Also, while wearing the waist trainer the person might feel a loss of appetite. This is because the garment creates pressure on the mid-section of the body and creates an artificial feeling of fullness. However, one must note that it is important to eat the right amount of a healthy diet.

Some people also claim to believe that wearing a waist trainer while exercising helps reduce weight faster. This can be dangerous because wearing a waist trainer restricts your breathing as well as your movement.

  • Better Posture

Wearing waist training corsets can provide better posture to your back. However, wearing corsets for a longer duration of time can weaken the core muscles which results in lower back pain and poor posture

The risks associated with waist training

The risks associated with waist training are gradually but can be life-threatening if used incorrectly. The various risks associated with waist training are:

  • Breathing problems
  • Fracture of the ribs
  • Suffocating the lungs and other internal organs
  • Acid reflux and other digestive issues

Breathing Problems

Corset training or waist training refers to pulling the midsection of your body to make your waist look smaller. This pulling action can squeeze your internal organs and make it difficult for you to breathe. Exercising along with waist training can make you feel short of breath, increase sweating and pain. Wearing corsets can also cause fluid buildup and inflammation of the lungs.

Internal Damage

Squeezing your midsection for a long time can cause the internal organs such as the liver and kidneys, to shift to unnatural positions. The change in position affects the flow of blood and also affects the proper functioning of the organs. This could lead to permanent damage to the organs.

Digestive Issues

The shifting of organs due to waist training can also affect the digestive tract such as the esophagus, stomach, and intestines. Apart from interfering indigestion, the constant pressure can also cause acid reflux and digestive issues.

Is waist training safe?

Just like the fad diets and other fitness fads we see online, waist training is similar to these diets. While this will provide immediate results, in the long run, you’ll be harming your body. Long-term use of waist trainers can cause acid reflux and organ damage. Waist trainers can also make it difficult to breathe because of the pressure on the midsection. You may not get enough oxygen. If you feel shortness of breath, immediately take off the waist trainer. As it is said, anything done in moderation doesn’t harm anybody.

You can wear a waist trainer once in a while, but wearing it for a longer duration can cause serious harm to your body. Please take proper precaution with the waist trainer otherwise risk your lives to laces and ropes. Don’t get swayed away by the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. Read on corsets online before finding your perfect pair.