How Much Does Web Portal Development Cost?

web portal development

For every business, a web solution is a common solution to explore their services. There are very few companies that do not get benefits from the web portal. Such web portals help the different organizations to start engaging employees, partners, and customers into their business and automate the various processes.

But do you know how much money is required to start creating a web portal that will fulfill all their customer’s requirements? And on which factors the price will depend.

In this article, you will find the answers to these questions plus you will find some basic details on web portals, their functionality, and their types.

Plus we will see the difference between website and web portal. There are so many people who think that web portals and websites are too different names for a similar product.

web portal development

Difference between website and web portal

Website and web portal both have some similar features that make both terms the same factor. However, they both are a solution to the internet that is easy to access via URL. But the task of these both web products is different.

Comparison is given below by considering all factors


  • Website consist of web pages which is included with a wide range of content available for public
  • Web portals are personalized aggregated content that is accessible by authorized users only.


  • With URL anyone can access website information.
  • The content of web portals is only accessible if you have Login details and URL.


  • No restrictions are there for viewing the website’s content.
  • Unrestricted users can not view the web portal’s content.


  • Via admin, the website’s content can be changed
  • Users having relevant permissions can only change the content.


  • The website is created, to drive more user traffic
  • Web portals are created for authorized users to access the information.

Let sum up the comparison, a website created with free WordPress themes will help you to present your business digitally and help you to convey your business motto to everyone.  Whereas web portals are created to focus more on a particular thing and provides information on a particular topic to a particular person.

Some different types of web portals are

The web portals are helpful for lots of businesses as they can share documents, create personalized experiences, and streamline processes & communication. However, web portals use different methods to showcase their business information. Some most common types are mentioned below

  • Horizontal web portals
  • Vertical web portals
  • Customer portal
  • B2C customer portal
  • B2B customer portal
  • Employee portal
  • Partner portal
  • Vendor portal
  • Membership management portal

Web portal’s development lifecycle

If you have decided to create a web portal then you must be aware of its development process. This process will be cost and time consuming because of the process of web portal creation is different compare to website creation tasks. Every step mentioned below is crucial and must be considered.

  • Preparations
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing and release
  • Maintenance

Now let us see the main factors which influence the web portal’s cost

No fixed price is mentioned for creating a web portal. The cost of web portal development will depend on your requirements. Some factors are listed below that will influence the cost.

  • Functionality
  • Outsourcing freelancers or companies
  • High rates of senior engineers
  • The geographical location of programmers
  • Cost for creating a web portal

If you are looking for custom development and you have hired a coding team expert for creating it then it might cost you from $30,000 – $80,000. Whereas, if you create a website with free WordPress themes┬áthen it will cost you nothing. So make sure you have done complete research and studied your requirements.


By creating a web portal a user will be able to manage, register accounts plus he/she can get important information on services and payments. However, it also helps you to manage invoices, children lists, and school years.  This is the reason that web portals are good for your business as it is more transparent, convenient and organized.

A company that wants to compete in the web world they can choose to develop a web portal instead of websites for their business. But if you are just a startup business and do not have much money to get started then it is better to choose free WordPress themes and start creating your own website.