5 Ways to Use LSI Keywords To Rank Higher In Searches

Use LSI Keywords

It is very important to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords to higher your ranking in search engine searches. LSI keyword is a key element to higher your ranks and that can’t be ignored.

The biggest problem is there how to find LSI keywords related to your target keyword because there is no specific tool available for it. The easiest and mostly use way to find keywords that are related is Google search. whoever you search keywords from Google search it’s show you more related searches to similar keywords.

Here is one example from Google search when you search about LSI keyword:

when you search about LSI keywords you should be take care of that words written in bold type in result of searching LSI keywords.

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Keyword Research Tool

The useful and easiest way to find keywords related to your target keywords to find online your target keyword by using some free online software available and there is one of them that’s I like most and used so many times.

LSIGraph – free online LSI keyword generator:-

LSIGraph is the latest free SEO (Search engine optimization) tool that helps you find keywords related to your target keywords. It’s easy to use therefore the person had no SEO skills also use it with the comfort with no any problem whatsoever. it’s very easy to use so all you need to do just add words and take your related keywords. Now i want to see you a look about LSIGraph with the help of a screenshot.

you see from above mention screenshot that how it work and help me to find keywords related to your target keywords. My aim here is that how i use these keyword in my article and blogs.

How to use LSI keywords

There is a one very important thing to now that LSI keywords and keyword destiny are two different things. Here is how to use this important knowledge to higher your ranks on SEO (search engine optimization) upto 85% to 90%.

The very important and first thing that you need to have with yourself is the keyword that’s you are trying to target. There are two differant way where you find your target keywords. One is SEMRUSH and other is Google Keyword planner tool.The best between them is a SEMRUSH that i recommended for you because if you have a little or minor knowledge about on-page SEO it easy to find keywords for yourself.

1. Write content naturally:

It’s a very important things that when you writing you connect you will be write it naturally. you’re all know that Google loves unique content as u know about google concept content is the main concept of your Website to well in google search engine.

2. Keywords optimization for content :

For Optimizing your content with proper targeted keyword by following the on-page SEO checklist. Keyword optimization (also known as keyword research) is the basic concept of proper researching , analyzing and selecting the best money keyword to target the quality traffic from search engine to your website.

3. Add LSI Keywords:

To find LSI keyword we mostly used LSIGraph or Google search to find a specific list of your target keywords. It is a very important things that you have in your mind all time how to use your targeted keyword in your website you article or your blogs.It’s not a important things that you are add all you’re searching keywords in your article just add related article that’s can help you to high your ranks in search engine. Other important thing that you have in your article is to add more than to paragraphs to add your targeted keywords in your article.

4. Use as image alt tag:

You should use ALT tag as a primary keyword on your on of image. and other images on your article should have LSI keywords or as long as relevant of your main keyword.

5. Don’t over optimization of your content :

when you know about optimized your content .There is very important thing to now that never over optimized your content because it’s will have a negative impact on your ranks and drop down you again. If you have no idea how to check your optimization there is plugin for you to check the optimization of your content. likely use SEOPressor to do so. See and re-correct your over-optimization.

If you want to improve your rankings you should follow all the instructions that’s I mention above. it’s a very important thing to follow all the guide line and ups your ranks higher and higher. There are not many LSI keyword finder tools to find your targets keywords.One of them is LSIGraph is best for all time and i will like to say you that you should bookmark this tool for your well reference.