10 Best Spots to Bungee Jump in New Zealand

bungee jumping new Zealand
Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is an adventurous sport that involves jumping from the highest structure while connected to a strong elastic cord. New Zealand offers fun and quirky jumping range of options to choose from the best for you.

It has several commercial bungee jumping operations in a variety of places. If you’re a bungee jumping lover then you should try once bungee jumping in New Zealand, it is safe, secure and full of fun. New Zealand has become a sweet home of bungee with several amazing places. We’ve listed some of the best spots for bungee jumping that you should try in New Zealand.

1. The Nevis Bungy

The Nevis Bungy

Biggest bungee jumping spot in New Zealand, and the third-highest bungee in the world. The location itself is 134m above the Nevis canyon floor. Let the gravity send you on a rush through the open-air new Zealand. If you’ve set your mind for bungee jumping then you should visit the Nevis Bungy and swing and get an amazing experience of bungee jump from the highest jumping spot of New Zealand.

That location is three times the height of the statue of liberty. The Nevis Bungy is also famous for its highest swing. This spot is well-known for its safe jump and it is a licensed operator spot, so you can think about this without any hesitation.

2. Kawarau bridge

Kawarau bridge

It is a beautiful bridge that runs over the Kawarau River in the Otago region on the south island of New Zealand. The bridge is mainly used for bungee jumping, as it is the commercial work of new Zealand. This bridge is also a part of the Queenstown trail, which is used by walkers or bikers to pass over the river. It is inside a department of conservation reserve.

This bridge is 43m above the Kawarau River. It was designed by Harry Higginson. Kawarau bridge is today a visitor attraction featuring commercialized bungee jumping and zipline. The bridge is known by different names such as Kawarau suspension bridge, Kawarau gorge suspension bridge, Kawarau bridge, and Kawarau Bungy bridge. You should visit this bridge to have a great experience of bungee jumping.

3. Rotorua Bungy

Rotorua Bungy

It is located at the agro venture center, just 9km from the center of Rotorua. It is the place where you become unstoppable and feel invincible. It standing 43m above the ground and gives wide views out to Rotorua lake and over a rural valley.

It provides some of the best great spectacular views of the district. Bungee jumping is a commercial activity that available at the agro venture. There is also a bullet-shaped machine called a schweeb and a rope swing called swoop. Break boundaries of your fear with Rotorua Bungy.

4. Thrill-seekers at Hanmer springs

Thrill-seekers at Hanmer springs

It is one of the best tourist destinations in New Zealand. During the trip, you can take the fun experience of bungee jumping. Jump on your quad and explore the beauty of Hanmer springs. It is an ideal location for bungee jumpers. Bike tour of Hanmer spring is also quite famous in New Zealand. Hanmer springs with 35m high is a popular location for tourists.

5. The ledge, Queenstown

The ledge, Queenstown

The ledge is above the heart of Queenstown, located up at Skyline Queenstown. If you’re adventuring-type, then we suggest you visit once there. This destination is full of adventures, as one of the most popular sports is bungee jumping. It offers up one of the town’s most dramatic descents.

It takes jumper’s plunge to a whole new level, 400m over Queenstown. Take advantage of the specially-adapted harness and choose from the jump menu. Feel the beauty of breathtaking scenery and fear factor at the same time.

6. Auckland harbour bridge

Auckland harbour bridge

It is an eight-lane motorway bridge over the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland, New Zealand. This bridge joins st marys bay of Auckland city with Northcote of the north shore. It is the part of Auckland northern motorway and state highway 1.

This bridge is the second-longest bridge in New Zealand. It operates 40m bungee jumping from the bridge. It also offers a bridge climb with views of the harbour and the city. Make your jump more memorable with the longest bridge of the north island.

7. Shotover canyon swing

Shotover canyon swing

Get a fearlessly diving and leap of faith into a famous canyon. It’s a great destination to taste the fear of bungee jumping. Make your jump from Shotover canyon and have a great experience. It has some of the most terrifying jump options over there. The entire experience of jump takes two to three hours. You jump off a cliff 109m high and then experience the free fall of 60m.

8. Taupo Bungy

Bungee Jumping in Taupo Bungy

It is the highest water touch bungee jump in New Zealand. It located 47m above the Waikato river in Aotearoa’s geothermal region. It provides great adventure experiences and an option for brave to touch the water.

This location is an ideal destination for the bungee jumpers who love to jump form adorable inspiring locations. Don’t worry professionally trained crew will ensure your safety and will guide you each and everything. Check out the stunning views before taking the jump and then jump into that beauty.

9. Mokai gravity canyon

Mokai gravity canyon

It occupies a unique position among the bungee jumping spots. Take the jump of 35m from the mokai gravity canyon and feel the beauty of the scenery. It is located in Taihape of new Zealand. This stunt will get the blood thundering around your body.

This location boasts three world-class adventure activities. Ride the extreme adventurous bungee jump from the mokai gravity canyon and give your friends a reason to get jealous.

10. Auckland sky tower

Spots to Bungee Jump in New Zealand

This tower is located at the corner of Victoria and Federal streets. It has 328m height that makes it the tallest freestanding structure in the southern hemisphere. And it is the 25th tallest in the entire world. attractive location for bungee jumpers and tourists. It provides the opportunity for the bungee lovers to jump over there. But you need to think about the technicalities of the experience.

So, what are you thinking now, just go and have fun? Be in touch with us to know more about the places for bungee jumping.