6 Possible Reasons Why Your Kids Hate Seafood

why do kids hate seafood

Seafood is among the most loved food categories by different people all across the world. They are mouth-watering and exquisite in every way. Many love them so much, but maybe your kids belong to the only exception. 

While lots of kids are avid fans of seafood, some youngsters are haters. Parents of the latter often get annoyed at their kids being ‘picky eaters’, especially when they do not know the exact reason why these kids dislike seafood. As a result, they force their kids to eat seafood, but the negotiation does not end up well most of the time. You can expect the kid crying or the parent fuming. Well, that happens. It’s not very unusual.

Now, if you are a parent that can relate to this or is in the exact situation right now, know that you don’t have to get upset when your kids do not eat seafood. If you can’t help but get frustrated because you can’t grasp why they just hate it, begin with the problem’s root.

Look back to probable causes and check on your teenyboppers. Here are 6 possible reasons why your kids hate seafood! Keep reading, and see some tips in feeding them well too.


seafood dish

Many parents get mad at their children for not eating seafood, but they have forgotten that they made a mistake in the past too. How? By not properly introducing seafood to their kids when they were younger. 

Indeed, people have different tastes when it comes to food, so even if you encourage someone to love a certain food, it’s still up to them to agree or disagree. However, this is a different case because when a person starts eating and liking a specific food since his/her early years in life, most likely, he/she will grow up eating it comfortably.

One of the major reasons why some kids hate seafood is because their parents did not feed them seafood when they were younger and were still learning to appreciate the beauty of eating. Maybe you do cook seafood at home, but did not teach them how to eat and enjoy it. It’s possible that you also did not give kids seafood on their plates even when they were placed on the dining table.

Furthermore, did you talk to them about how seafood is not only delicious but also nutritious? You did not? That’s another huge reason. Most kids need to be enlightened about the health benefits of seafood, so they will understand how it is essential to the body as well. Parents play a vital role in educating them about this because kids eat what their parents cook and serve at home.


fresh seafood

Some people become braver to look for better options after having bad food encounters, however, your kids may not be as courageous as them. Your kids might be hating seafood right now because of a past seafood experience that traumatized them.

What could that be? They ate a stale, fishy dish that brought their appetites upside down in the worst ways. Whoever cooked and prepared that dish made a mistake or is just not very skillful in cooking seafood, and it happened that your kid was a guest. That unforgettable and, for them, unforgivable experience in eating seafood has made them afraid to taste any seafood ever again. 

This may not sound like a big deal for most people, especially for seafood lovers, but this is one of the reasons why some kids personally can’t stand seafood.


raw crabs seafood

Believe it or not, but some children hate seafood because of how they look, specifically when the seafood are still raw. They get scared by the movements of these creatures when they are still alive and uncooked. That’s why when they see the seafood served on the dining table, they get surprised and reluctant to try it. This is usual for babies and for those who are not yet fully aware that these animals can be cooked and eaten too. Somehow dorable, but yup, that’s a reason.


oyster seafood

Your kids might be hesitant to eat seafood not because of the taste but of the texture. To encourage them, use various cooking styles that exhibit diverse textures. Let your kids try them out, so they can find what suits their liking. At the same time, you get a hint of what seafood to serve them next time.


seafood pasta

Taste is the most determinative factor when it comes to people choosing their food preferences, but no doubt, presentation also has a lot of scoring points!

Do your kids eat seafood everywhere but at home? Do they smile at any seafood prepared except the one served by their parents? Well, that means they do not exactly hate seafood in general but only the seafood prepared by you. 

The obvious reason is that you don’t make seafood fun for them. Your seafood meals don’t entice and excite them to dig in. This is common among young kids and toddlers. They choose to eat food not just based on taste but also on visuals.

To make your kids enthusiastic about the seafood menu you provide at home, work on the food’s appearance. Make them cute and lively, and incorporate their favorite cartoon characters. Kit up creative lunch bentos for kids to bring to and enjoy in school!


clam pasta seafood

You may not immediately know and notice because you only focus on making your kids eat seafood. But it’s possible that they hate it because their body feels uncomfortable and unwell whenever they consume seafood. 

Be mindful when you see signs that this is the reason why seafood is not their bestfriend. Especially when your child directly tells you how they feel hot, itchy or uneasy after they eat seafood, be alert. These may be a strong indication of seafood allergies. Watch out for rashes, redness and swelling which are typical visible symptoms. 

If all these seem to manifest on your kids, immediately stop making them eat seafood. Consult their physician to confirm if they really are allergic to seafood. Check if they need proper medications. If you discover that this is the reason why your children hate seafood, then you have to be extra careful and very understanding. To avoid putting their health at risk, feed them yummy and generally healthy meals that suit their personal health.


When your kids hate seafood, there’s a reason behind it. It can be bigger than just being “picky eaters”. If you cannot easily find out what it is, do not hesitate to directly ask your kids, so you will be informed.

Your kids should not have allergies and medical conditions that hinder them from eating seafood. Keep trying and teaching them how to love seafood. Give them your best seafood dishes cooked with love.