10 Yummy Alternatives to Buy When Cakes Are SOLD OUT!

alternative to Cake

Besides the celebrator, cakes are the stars of any special occasions such as graduations, anniversaries, child dedications, house blessings, job promotions, holidays and of course, birthdays. Definitely, these significant events almost won’t push through without cakes! The feeling is incomplete! These sweet confections are so loved and enjoyed wherever in the world they may be.

BUT OH NO! What do you do when cakes are no longer available in the store you are planning to buy from, and you have no more time to travel to other cake shops? 

You know those unexpected scenarios when a particular bakery sells discounted cakes, so you run to it in the afternoon for your dad’s birthday, but you’re too late because people lined up early in the morning. Or that mothers’ day celebration when you go to the city’s mall to buy a kuchen for mom, but every cake store’s shelves are empty! Surely, these are familiar happenings since you experienced the same at least once in your life. You tend to cram at times or annoyingly be stuck in rush hours that’s why.

So what’s your plan? Do you cry on a corner because the cake store did not set aside a cake for you? Of course, you don’t! You buy something else that can take the place of those dear bonbons! This list is tailor-made to help you in case you get tangled with dilemma and sadness for being left with no more cakes in stores. 

Check out these 10 yummy alternatives that you can buy when cakes are sold out! Keep reading, darling!



There’s never a bad day for a box of drool-worthy pizza! Hawaiian? 4 Cheese? Garlic Shrimp? Meaty Combo? Whatever flavor you love will be perfect to turn your where’s-the-cake frown upside down! 

Squares or triangles? No biggie. The savor won’t get you complaining. Don’t forget to grab some extra parmesan or hot sauce, so you enjoy the pizza party thrice the awesomeness! 


ice cream

The pretty chum of cake is there to take its place when they’re not around! Ice cream’s sweetness and smoothness never go wrong. Well, if you choose a flavor with almonds, toffee crunches, fruity bits and cookie pieces, you’re into some added wow factor! 

Cold and cute, ice cream will keep you chilling and giggling any time of day. Nobody says no to a thirst-quenching ice cream — unless their tummies are extremely full. 



They can be long, round, square or shaped like your favorite cartoon character! Donuts will keep you craving for more and staring at their comeliness. Many of them are designed so beautifully that you will hesitate to chomp on them! 

Because of their irresistible charm, donuts are among the most popular alternatives for cakes! They suit any event for any age. Male and female, both the young and the young-at-hearts, take satisfaction in these luscious chucks called donuts!



Some like their sweet treats pink, red, purple, yellow or golden, but anyone who wants them brown? Brownies are a classic! They never get old and weary. These rectangular and square dainties can be sugary if you want, creamy if you like or a bit bitter if you wish! You will usually see brownies in pretty boxes perfect for gifting and surprises!


banana bread

It’s an unpopular opinion, but whole banana breads can replace actual cakes since they kind of appear like them. Banana breads contain protein and fiber which the human body essentially needs! It’s no longer an ordinary and dull-looking fare when you realize that banana breads (with vegetable oils to be specific) are actually healthy snacks that can replace your fave icing and fondant cakes for the moment! 


fruit cake

More famous during Christmas, fruit cakes look a bit like banana breads at first, so you might be confused, but they have more colors which will let you know that they are fruit cakes indeed! 

Baked with nuts and dried fruits, fruit cakes are often considered loaves instead of cakes, but that’s fine! The word “cake” is still inevitable in fruit cakes!



With allure that seems plain yet deluxe, pancakes are the homey versions of cakes! You got it right again, it’s because there’s “cake” in the word itself.

They are round, fluffy and flat cakes that melt in your mouth and give you that early breakfast vibe, but they also care about making your evening celebrations a little bright! You will enjoy these hotcakes even more with a shiny drizzle of maple or chocolate or strawberry syrup! As you please, they can be stuffed with cookie bits, choco chips or berries and topped with sprinkles, bananas and whip cream too.

Want to take it to the next chubbier level? Souffle pancakes got your plate!



Macarons are not commonly sold in many places, so if you have no cake shop to buy a kuchen from and you happen to see a stall that sells macarons, you’re kidding if you’ll ignore the opportunity! 

Little and posh, macarons will make your remarkable occasions elegant! They are succulent and easy to eat. You can set a small table of towered macarons, and guests won’t forget to take snapshots of these adorable afters!



Order a tray of sushi, and expect it to be clean in a little while because your sushi-loving loved ones will make sure nothing is left behind! 

This Japanese dish is not only for afternoon hungers and buffet choices but also for parties like the ones you gladly celebrate. The colors are superb just in one sushi; what more if there’s a lot of these yummo rice rolls! And yes, you may light a candle in the middle of the numerous of them! Oishi!



They may not be as sweet as cakes, but burgers will make sure you end the party with a full tummy! 

Burgers, especially the big ones, can be formed into a tower or a heap! Remove the wrappers and foils, so the burgers can be easily picked up after the candlelight is blown off! That’s going to be the juiciest cake you will see and taste! Get your zippers ready for it’s surely a blast! 


If you can’t let go of cakes and you have time for some kitchen art, why don’t you grab a box of cake flour, and bake your own cake? That’s going to be fun and heartwarming! 

But bear in mind to put a smile on your face even if the cakes you’re hoping to buy are sold out — unfortunately just when you need them the most! Why? Because there are other delish alternatives like the ones mentioned above. It will always be a helpful thing to have a Plan B for those sought-after cakes!