5 Ways Meditation Can Transform Your Mind and Body

Meditation to Transform Your Mind and Body

Meditation is a very ancient and effective practice. There are different techniques of performing meditation. But the aim of all the techniques are the same, to control our mind and relax our brain.

Some people even do meditation for 9 hours per day. We can clearly see the difference in their brain functioning and the people who don’t. But remember you don’t need 9 or 10 hours per day. You can start by meditating 5 min per day. Then can increase it according to your time constraints.

Meditation and Its Effects


1. Concentration power

It is a well-known fact that meditation helps you to increase concentration power. Because in meditation we use all of our concentration on a single thought or a single object. This eventually teaches and helps us to increase our concentration power. With increased concentration power you can easily concentrate in the class. You can do this in general and will be able to learn new things.

2. Clearer mind

There are no thoughts going on in your mind and your concentration is channelized. Your thoughts and mind become clearer. There is only one thought or one object going on your mind while earlier there would be thousands of things or thoughts in your mind.

3. Helps in effective brain functioning

It has been proved by many studies that the people who regularly engage themselves in meditation have more effective brain functioning than the people who don’t. We often don’t realize that our brain is an important and complex organ of the body and requires extra care and attention.

Meditation provides that extra care to the brain.

4 .Less prone to depression and stress

We are becoming a depressed generation and that is very heartbreaking, whatever may be the reason we need to come out of this. Meditation helps to relax and know that you can overcome everything. Stress disappears if you sit down all by yourself and remember all the good things that had ever happened to you. This gives you time to realize that there are better things in life. It brings you out of the panic state and helps you realize that all your problems can be solved.

5. Brings positivity

Once you come out of all your negative thoughts and stress and depression, you start to notice all the good things happening around you which fills you with positivity and motivates you to contribute to a happy environment.

There is not a single disadvantage of meditating. Most of us go to the gym to take care of our body but we often tend to forget about our brain. You should know that the brain is the organ which is handling everything else and it keeps on functioning 24 hours/day. Just like our body requires exercise, our brain also requires rest and time to calm which is provided by the meditation.

I would request you to meditate for at least 5-7 min/day and see the difference by yourself in 1 or 2 weeks.