4 Food Items to How To Get Healthy And Shiny Hair With A Balanced Diet

Get Healthy & Shiny Hair
Healthy Hair

Your hair is no different than your body. They too need regular nourishment and doses of essential vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. You will be surprised to know that if you’re eating well, it can transform your hair for good. So for this post, we are listing some of the best food that promotes healthy hair:

1. Eggs for the proteins

You probably are aware of the fact that how significant protein is to the hair as it forms the major constituent of their formation. So for good overall health, make sure you have a good amount of protein in your diet. This nutrient is considered as the building block of hair. Eggs are one of the food items where you get a good amount of proteins. So make sure you have them on a regular basis to get natural protein.

2. Spinach and green leafy vegetables for Iron

Another thing that your hair cell requires is Iron which is a substantial mineral. Deficiency of this mineral in the body is a primary cause of hair fall. The reason behind it is with iron deficiency in the body, the important nutrients along with oxygen are not getting properly transported to hair roots.

As a result, there are inhibitions in hair growth and strands fall weak leading to hair fall. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables are natural sources of iron. So make sure to include them in your meal every now and then.

3. Nuts for Omega 3 fatty acids

Your hair needs regular nourishment which can be catered by Omega-3 fatty acids which will also support hair thickening. The human body is unable to produce these healthy fats and therefore you have to rely on other sources to meet the requirements.

Walnuts along with Almonds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and you can derive it from there by including them in your diet. Other than these, Flax seeds also helps the body by supplying essential fats to hair. They are good for weight loss as well.

4. Citrus fruits for Vitamin C

For iron absorption, your body needs vitamin C. And hence it is necessary to add Vitamin C to your diet. As per the professional nutritionist, a lime is enough to meet the daily requirement of Vitamin C in the body. So, make some detox water drinks and you’re all sorted. It will help you with the hair while flushing out all the harmful toxins of the body.

Oranges are another edible item you can dig into to meet your vitamin C requirement. Apart from iron absorption, vitamin C is also required for collagen production in the body which is responsible to strengthen the blood capillaries connected to the hair shaft. This ensures your hair absorbs the nutrients well and stimulates growth too.

Apart from these, some of the other food items you can include are Avocado as they are rich in vitamin E, whole grains for biotin, zinc, iron and vitamin B, and carrots for vitamin A. Your body reflects what you’re feeding it with. So make sure, you have a healthy diet that has every nutrient in the right amount.