Know About 5 Finest Summer Tyres To Choose From

Finest Summer Tyres

You need to choose the tyres for your automotive carefully. If you are residing in an area that witnesses extreme temperatures and road conditions, then you have to more adept at picking the right tyres. Different seasons demand diverse tyres for the roads.

 For instance, you can’t use summer tyres in the winter season and vice versa, as their braking and accelerating capabilities would differ completely and the tyre will not be able to perform adequately. In this blog, we’re particularly going to talk about the best summer tyres in the industry and how to buy them. So, if you’re looking for car tyres that you can drive in warm weather, do read this article. 

Top summer tyres from the industry   

1. Michelin Pilot Sports Performance Radial Tyre

This tyre offers ultra-high performance, coupled with a high-class technology to enhance its performance. It has a superb tread life and provides excellent traction on wet surfaces. The best part of these tyres is that you get a great steering precision with them and the quiet and comfortable ride that you get from them is just a bonus. 

2. Hankook Ventus

This one goes quite easy on your pocket, as it’s a budget-friendly tyre. It is a high-performance summer tyre that gives you control and comfort in both dry and wet conditions. The tyres handle your vehicle very well at high speeds and offer excellent wet and dry traction. The fuel efficiency, controlled noise and responsive steering are the qualities that attract the customers towards it. 

3. Continental Extreme Contact Sport

This is one of the best in the industry by far. It gives the maximum cornering grip and grabs the top slot in maintaining wet traction. It has a tread life of 30,000 miles. You get superb resistance of hydroplaning and an even distribution of pressure so that the wear and tear take place evenly. 

4. Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance

This is a premium class tyre which has been the brand’s most popular tyre. The company has used superior quality material to build its product. The perfect design and innovative technology of these tyres are the major attractions for the customers. The specially designed tread ensures the safety of the driver in emergency situations as well. The tyres provide excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces both. 

5. Uniroyal Rainsport 3 

This is a very budget-friendly tyre specifically meant for the middle class. It’s also called the rain tyre, as it’s mainly meant to be driven in the rain. Its unique tread pattern is inspired by the sharkskin. This model works best for the weather in adverse conditions and dynamic driving as well. 

How to choose the best summer tyres?

It’s the driver who sits behind the steering wheel. So, as the driver of your car, you must know how to choose your tyres correctly. Take a look at all things you can do.

  • You must skim through several sources of information. Take the first-hand opinion of the people who’ve driven certain models, so that they can provide you with the exact information you’re looking for.
  • Go through automotive magazines and see the tests they conduct on various tyres around the world. Magazines are a very genuine and great source of information.
  • Read the information properly on the tyre label. You’ll get to know better about its rolling resistance, noise level and handling conditions.

Summer tyres can prove to be a great asset if properly chosen.