Find Top 4 Common Deadly Car Habits To Avoid

Deadly Car Habits To Avoid
Deadly Car Habits

The longer you spend driving a car, the more driving habits you develop. But the sad thing is not every driving habit is a good habit. And, as you become experienced it is very difficult to break those habits. They are deeply wired into your subconscious. These habits can damage your car and empty your wallet. It is because they gradually affect different parts of your car

We are going to share some examples of bad driving habits. Identify them and you can avoid any unnecessary expense which could come due to these bad habits. 

1. Keeping your hand on the gear stick when you are not using it  

This is the most common driving mistake people make. Many people have this habit of holding the gear stick whether they are using it or not.

  • Firstly, both your hands should be placed on steering for better handling and focus
  • Secondly, when you keep your hand on the gear stick it sets extra pressure on the gearbox which as a result can cause problems with shifting gears

Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, if your gears are not working properly, it can cause some real problems 

Transmission involves performing multiple processes at the same times which makes it quite complex. Breaking this habit is not easy as we are doing it subconsciously, but rectifying things starts with identifying things. Every time you notice yourself holding the gear stick, put it back on the steering wheel.

2. Keeping the fuel tank empty or refuel it only when it is almost empty

If your car is standing idle at the garage, impurities start adding up in the fuel tank and settle down at the bottom. These impurities enter the filters and pump, which is responsible for pumping the right amount of fuel to the engine. 

When the temperatures are cold, make certain that your fuel tank is at least half-filled, so no dirt accumulates in the tank. 

3. Frequent Braking

Keep a large distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you, this is what you have been taught all your life. But did you know if you keep on hitting the brake pedals, you will put unnecessary pressure on the brake pads which will wear them down much quicker?

If you don’t want to put yourself in any dangerous situation, don’t forget to change the brake hoses and keep checking the brake fluid level. Just like turn the steering wheel is a skill, hitting the brake pedal is another difficult skill that you need to learn. 

Here are some tips to brake properly:

  • Place your right foot on the floor in such a way that the ball of the foot makes contact with the center of the pedal
  • You should not put weight on the brake pedal rather try putting weight on the floor and gently press the brake pedal until the car stops. Many people do jerk movement with the pedal which damages the brake discs and wears pads
  • Just when the car is about to stop, don’t leave it abruptly. Instead, try leaving it gently so it does not come to a sudden stop

4. Ignoring bad noises

These are the noises which you can hear inside the cabin of the car while you are driving. When you start to hear these sounds, don’t take them lightly. Many people overlook these noises and as a result, they see a major breakdown in the middle of a road. 

Strange noises can indicate a potential problem. For instance, if you hear unusual sounds accompanied with some vibrations then this could indicate uneven tread wear which occurs when you drive on rugged terrains. If you suspect that your tyres have worn down, then measure the tread depth of the Tyre. The minimum tread depth in UAE is 1.6mm. If you get a reading below this, then you need to consider buying new car tyres in UAE.