Top 7 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Top 7 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
Creative Marketing Ideas

Small businesses often struggle to earn the business, and the pandemic has made things much worse. Small businesses have faced severe losses and even closed. Fortunately, we are turning the corner and ready to revive our businesses.

Digital marketing is a supplement your business needs to grow efficiently. There are numerous online marketing tactics, and you should pick the one that delivers you the best results.

You need to opt for the smart marketing tactics that can give you the potential results in the optimum efforts. 

So, let’s discuss the creative online marketing ideas for small businesses that you must consider to grow your business exceptionally. 

1. Create Content that Rank and Convert

Content is the constant of digital marketing. Various marketing techniques require content, and content marketing is one of the promising marketing tactics. Then, what is new or creative about content creation?

There is, you need to refine your content creation to drive the traffic to your business. When you do the topic research for your content creation, consider the trending topics of your industry. Moreover, you can include the topics that will address the current pain points of your potential customers.

When you create content on your finalized topic, don’t forget to include your products in the natural way to educate your audience about your offerings and encourage them to convert.

Pro Tip: If your content needs high-end efforts to rank on your website, you can outreach and post it as a guest blogger on a high-authority site to get the high rankings and audience exposure. 

You can use the online content research tools to find your industry’s hot topics and curate the content around them to drive traffic and conversions.

2. Make Your Videos Rank in Google Search

If you create videos, then video sharing platforms are not your only go to place. You can earn some traffic to your videos from the search engine searches as well. People don’t use YouTube all the time to browse the videos. Sometimes they search it on search engines and then view the video. So, include the search engines in the area of focus to drive the traffic to your videos.

You have to optimize your videos for the video intent keywords to secure the top rankings and boost your views. Make sure your videos rank on both YouTube and Google to generate the maximum views and the user actions intended from the videos.

Note: If you are not investing in videos, then you are messing up on a lot. People love videos, and you should give what users want to get their conversions. You don’t need to spend too much on professional videos; you can make basic videos through your phone and edit them with numerous free online tools. Just deliver your brand message most engagingly.

3. Share Your Expertise through Podcasts

It’s inconvenient for businesses to host the podcasts, and you don’t have to. You can consider the other popular podcasts of your industry to share your expertise. Filter down the prominent podcasts of your industry, pitch them and schedule an interview to share your knowledge and promote your products without being salesy.

Many businesses are generating significant results from podcasts, and you should also give these a shot to uplift your business growth.

Note: You only include podcasts in your marketing if your audience listens to podcasts; otherwise, it is not your cup of tea.

4. Co-Branding

Co-branding is collaborating with other brands that have similar target audiences as yours and are not your competitors. This way, you can increase your brand reach and audience. You can offer anything valuable in the partnerships to the audience and promote it on each other’s websites to interact with the partner brand’s customers.

It is a very effective way to boost your customer base and earn some new customers. So, research for the brands you can do co-branding or co-marketing to reach more potential customers.

5. Upgrade Your Audience Targeting with Quora

You need to drive the relevant audience to your business to generate conversions. You have to reach all your potential customers to have the maximum business. There are various ways to drive traffic that you must have read on tons of websites, but there is one that you haven’t considered yet. Quora is the platform where you can ask and answer various topics. 

You can also answer the questions that align with your industry. But, you won’t get any meat if you’ll answer the questions that people aren’t searching for.

You should target the questions with high traffic to get them more exposure and drive traffic to your business. Can use the online tools to see the best-performing pages of quora. You can now pick the questions that belong to your industry, and you are eligible to answer. Make sure you answer the question in the most effective and influential way to intrigue the customers to visit your products or website. Once again, never commit the sin of being promotional. 

6. Do Link Reclamation

It’s like claiming what is already yours. When you create high-quality content and offer the best products, people do talk about you online. They recommend you in their content, take the reference of your content, and refer to your products, but they don’t link back to you. 

You need to create alerts for such unlinked mentions so that you’ll know when someone talks about you online. If they haven’t provided the link, you can contact them to link your particular page they have mentioned on their web page.

I personally use Ahrefs for finding the unclaimed mentions and optimize them. It’s not necessary webmasters always give you the link, but you’ll get success most of the time.

Once you claim all your unlinked mentions, your backlink profile will improve, which increases the rankings. Moreover, you’ll get referral traffic from those sites, which is also beneficial for your business. 

7. Get Your Products Reviewed

When you are launching your products, it’s fruitful to send your products to your industry influencer for review. People always research your products before conversion, and reviews are something that they consider a lot. So, get some good reviews of products from your industry related influential people.

You can also consider the platforms where your target customers engage the most to share your positive reviews. Like you can share your positive reviews on social media and boast your product’s reliability. 

Reviews have a significant effect on the buying decision, and you must earn positive reviews for your products to have amazing sales.


Now, you have some creative marketing ideas that will help you gain excellent results. If you know some cool marketing hacks, then please share them in the comments.

Moreover, share how these unique marketing tactics worked for you.

If you want to strengthen your business marketing, then I am part of a digital marketing agency, which specializes in small business marketing. So, consider what suits you best for your small business digital marketing.