10 Tips to Create Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Create Effective Email Marketing Campaign
Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Strategies – Benefits

Of course, you are smart enough to know that email marketing strategies are still alive today. Perhaps even in an improved state. You surely have witnessed how the traditional internet marketing people utilize these tactics to make loads of cash.

Today, email has evolved to be an even better marketing tool. It allows you to nurture healthy relationships with your readers. This enables you to do a bit of “under the radar” sales pitches. Likewise, email remains an indispensable tool for every successful marketing campaign.

Statistics prove that email marketing is not dead.

According to email marketing statistics culled from recent studies where an analysis was made on over 1,000 brands, the average number of times that a user (who regularly opens his emails,) opens and revisits the same email message is 1.79. This simply means that you can expect your recipient to open most of the messages you send more than once. Likewise, click-through rates have gone up by 1% to 5.4%.

Surveys also reveal that among all delivery channels, 63% of respondents believe that email delivers the highest ROI for businesses. It outdoes social media which was voted second. These are very encouraging figures for your future marketing efforts.

Five ways to create an effective email marketing campaign

With all these data, there is no denying that email has a solid place in your digital marketing plans.  Following are some tips on how you can keep up with the changing times. Ensure that your automated email marketing thrust will be as effective as possible.

1. Provide various ways to sign up

With the proliferation of online content and its consumption gets more fragmented, you have to capitalize on the potential of the various available channels to gain more email subscribers. For example, you can make email sign-up possible via QR code scans or text message.

2. Pay attention to email readers using mobile devices

With the growing number of email readers going mobile, you have to make it easy for these people to read your emails by optimizing them for mobile devices.  Also provide incentives to your users by sending them email messages with links to new social sites, or by applying various location-based strategies.

3. Do not send email blasts

A lot of email service providers recommend sending personalized email messages as new technology exists that allows email marketers to create highly engaging and customized message contents.

4. Test continuously

Learn from your newly acquired email subscribers. Find ways to improve sales and conversions.  Extend your tests beyond subject lines, copies, and calls to action. Test the timing of delivery, personal elements, automation and tools, and layouts and designs.  Then take note of what works best.

5. Begin a conversation, and follow through to different channels

It is a fact that social media will keep on encroaching on email’s turf so you have to begin finding means to relay your message from email to other media.  For instance, if a particular email receives a good response rate, consider using it in your ads, on your website, and in your social media posts. Experts believe that engagement will increasingly rely on the ability of a company to act on or respond to message-based intelligence.

Build a solid email marketing list.

Having a solid email list containing current and prospective clients will give you the opportunity to repeatedly reach out to them with targeted messages, even while employing the cheapest marketing strategy available. Here are some ways on how you can incorporate email marketing into your business website and stay connected to your most promising prospects.

Five tips for an effective email marketing campaign

1. Include an opt-in form in your homepage

The most common and probably the easiest way to build a list is to add an opt-in form in your homepage. To get it noticed, place it somewhere above the fold so your visitors can immediately see the form without having to scroll down.

2. Add the opt-in form in your About page

Aside from your homepage, it is also advisable to place the opt-in form on the About page of your site. For one, the visitors who came to this page took the initiative to know more about your business. Go a step further by encouraging them to find out more about what you have to offer by becoming part of your email list.

3. Place an opt-in form in your checkout page

This is another place that makes sense to include an opt-in form.  If a visitor is willing enough to buy from you, then most likely, he will also be interested in getting discounts and other information from you.

4. Include an opt-in function in the comments section of your blog

If you maintain a blog for your business, you can insert an opt-in box in the comments section.  This way, you will be able to reach people who have already shown their interest in your blogs.

5. A pop-up form is worth considering

Pop up ads are another option to introduce opt-in forms.  Although some visitors may find these pop-ups annoying, the fact that this type of ads continues to be present on some of the most-visited sites on the web only means that pop-ups are an effective tool for some internet marketers.

Email marketing is such a potent tool that reaches beyond your website and can help generate a lot of new sales opportunities.  By employing the right email marketing strategies, you can be assured of a continuous stream of traffic and higher conversion rates.