5 Best Yoga Poses For Stronger and Toned Hands

Yoga Poses For Stronger Hands
Yoga Poses For Stronger And Toned Hands

Beginning with yoga is a good idea. Each one of us has a different aim moving up with the same. It includes losing weight fast, getting mental balance, for a stronger body, the hands and many more. Yoga is something an amazing philosophy to understand. With the regular use of the same one can become better not just with a great physique, but in their approaches. People can learn to manage their emotions, heal the body. They can become more flexible and slimmer and more.

Are you looking to join yoga for strong hands or need to improve your strength? Well, yoga will solve everything for you as. After all, a huge number of asanas actively involves in the muscles of the hands. So that the subcutaneous fat on the shoulder line turns down and provide light aesthetic relief.

Yoga Classes is a great way to get certified and learn yoga so that you can share the knowledge and wisdom of yoga with others.

Let’s see what asanas in yoga will help us to make our hands stronger as follows-

1. ChaturangaDandasana

The asana is also called the Upper Chaturanga or Stick (Board) Posture. In fitness, the position, it is called the straight bar. Your body in the asana is balanced on 4 points: the toes of the feet and the palms of the straight hands placed on the shoulder line.

Go for further steps-

The head, back, buttocks and legs should be in a straight line. To do this, you need to pull in your stomach, keep your back straight and not stick out your buttocks. Try your shoulders away from the ears, i.e. not to tighten them to the head.  Before moving on to the next asana, you can rest in the child posture. To do this, lower your knees to the floor, chest on the knees, buttocks on the heels, straight arms stretch on the floor in front of you.

2. Lower ChaturangaDandasana

To begin with the asana, perform the Upper Chaturanga again, and then bend the elbows to form an acute angle between the shoulder and forearm.

Go for further steps-

You have to perform a push-up and fix it at the bottom point for 5 breathing cycles. Move out from the very same asana and then you can rest again in the child’s position.

3. ChaturangaDandasana with emphasis on forearms

This is also a kind of straight plank, but the support this time will not be on the palm of straight hands, but on the forearms.

Go for further steps-

Stay in the asana for 5 breathing cycles and take rest in the child Position.

4. Sanchalanasana

It’s called a side plank, where you need to make the balance to be on the palm of one lower hand and the outer surface of the foot of the lower leg. The easiest way to get out of the asana is sitting on the side.

Go for further steps-

To do this just focus on the hips, where it needs to be lifted above the floor, then extend your upper arms along with your head and remain in position 5 breathing cycles, then repeat it to the other side.

5. AdhoMukhaOfSvanasana

This is called as a famous pose of a Dog with the head down, and to be in the very same position you will need to make your buttocks up, and the head down under the line of hands, heels stretch to the floor.

Go for further steps-

Stay in the asana for 5-10 breathing cycles. You can later complicate it by dropping on the forearms. For the next 5 breathing cycles spend in this position. Well, in order to completely work out with the asana, one can go with the straight leg raised up and be in this position for 5 more breathing cycles.


These asanas don’t only help in improving the muscles of the hands, but also to turn the action of gravity literally upside down, soar above the ground, and take a new level of control over your body. Regularly include the asanas suggested over here and you do not have to worry about the aesthetics of your shoulder along with the strength.