What is Kraft Paper? Know Its Feature, Types and Uses

What is Kraft Paper
What is Kraft Paper

With people getting more concerned about the environment, they are turning their loyalties to Eco-friendly products. One such product that has become popular over the years is Kraft Paper. It is a cardboard-like material made by transforming wood into wood pulp through a chemical process and then a few other steps to turn the pulp into a sheet of thick paper.

The kraft papers are used to make paper bags with the help of a paper bag machine. The bags are used by retailers, irrespective of their size & niche, to pack tangible goods before handing them to customers. The paper has assisted the marketing segment to do their part to save the environment from the drastic effects of increasing plastic pollution.

Kraft paper is 100% biodegradable and open to re-usability and recycling, which adds more to its popularity. If you are looking for reasons to use kraft paper, here are some:


  • Kraft papers that are made from virgin wood pulp can be recycled up to seven times. 

Biodegradable & Composable:

  • Kraft Papers are 100% biodegradable, which means they decay easily in the natural surroundings, enriching the soil fertility.


  • Owing to its good strength, the paper can be used for various commercial and industrial applications. Additionally, its high durability and tear resistance make it the best packaging material.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable production:

  • The chemicals used in the production of kraft paper are reused for several other manufacturing processes.

A way of communication:

  • When you use kraft paper to meet your packaging requirements, you create awareness about environment conservation, along with representing your company’s values.

Elegance and Style:

  • Kraft paper looks stylish and pretty. It provides different products with simple yet elegant packaging.

Different types of Kraft papers are how they are made

1. Virgin kraft paper

As the name says, the paper is made from virgin wood pulp. It is recyclable and biodegradable in nature. The paper can be made using different types of wood pulp, like resinous pine, bamboo, among others. 

2. Recycled kraft paper

The paper is made from recycled fibers using a self-sustaining process where the chemicals are recovered and reused to produce the paper again. That means zero wastage and no threat to the environment. 

3. Partially recycled

Not all kraft papers are 100% recycled, like the ones that are made from both recycled and virgin fibres. 

A paper bag machine can use all these kraft papers to make highly durable paper bags.

Different uses of Kraft Paper

1. Wrapping products

Craft and pottery stores can use kraft papers to wrap every item individually and protect them from breaking. Many manufacturers use these papers to wrap fragile products so that they can be safely delivered to customers.

2. Pallet uses

You can use these papers as pallets to divide different layers or sections of bags, boxes, and other products to reduce the chances of breakage when they are being shipped. Pre-cut sheets of kraft paper are readily available in the market that you can use to palatalize products faster. The paper adds an extra layer of protection and prevents products from damages when they shift while in shipment.

3. To fill a void

Kraft paper is a lightweight, reusable, and sturdy material. It can be used to fill the void in the packed products to make things look the way manufacturers want them to.

4. Paint Masking

Paint overspray can ruin your floor, car, or boat. To avoid the scenario, you can use kraft paper to mask items being painted.

5. Floor Covering

During the construction in homes, you can use these cardboard sheets to cover floors and protect surfaces from dust, dirt, and damages. Many people use kraft paper to prevent fiberglass from ruining flooring.

6. Gift wrapping

They can be excellent gift wraps. It is even easy to use colors on these papers, making it easy for you to show your creativity and make your gift be the attention of the event. You can even go for printed kraft paper to give your gift the best packaging.

7. Parting Thoughts

Kraft paper serves different purposes for different individuals. For some, it is a medium to pack sandwiches, and for others, it is a raw material for making paper bags or even school projects. It is available in different sizes, colors, and thicknesses so that everyone gets the right one based on their requirements.