6 Reasons Behind Drops in Website SEO Ranking & Effective Solutions

Drops in Website SEO Ranking
SEO Ranking

Are you facing issues in boosting a website’s ranking? Do you want to see a rapid change in ranking and traffic? If you want a perfect answer to these questions, then here we are with some essential details.

We are going to discuss some major reasons by which you may face ranking related issues. With it, you can see a perfect solution for sorting such SEO issues. There are two major reasons for ranking issues –

  • Website is penalized by Google
  • Website is affected by some specific issues that lead to a drop in ranking

Firstly, you are required to figure out the main facts that cause damage to the ranking. It helps you in preparing strategy for the future and gain the top ranking again.

Reason 1: Penalty Rank Drop

Method to figure out Google Penalty

It can bring big changes in the ranking in no time. In these cases, you can see rank drop with 10 to 20 positions or more. This particular action of the search engine clearly represents a penalty. While dealing with such an issue, there are two causes available: algorithmic and manual penalty.

Algorithmic penalty takes place with some updates in the Google algorithms. If the actions are taken by the employees of Google, then it is considered as a manual penalty rank drop. For keeping things perfect, Google updates policies and algorithms timely. In case you do not take negative signals seriously, then your website may get penalized by the search engine. You should monitor all types of changes in ranking and other search engine activities.

Solution: Method of identification and get recovered

During these conditions, it becomes important to figure out the actual reason for the penalty. Here, you can get help from Google Search Console. If your website is affected by manual actions, then you get a notification. You need to visit the Manual Actions section. It is the only place where Google announces penalties. After getting information about the issue, you should proceed strategically. In case your website gets penalties due to on-page optimization, then you need to make changes in content and linking elements.

Content issues appear if you have duplicate content on the website. With the quality Seo services , you can proceed professionally and find out the best solutions. Sometimes, the issues may appear due to the off-page submissions. Here, you need to inspect back-links and find out the unnatural ones. After that, you need to remove the links for maintaining website ranking.

In some cases, it becomes difficult to remove a link. To resolve the issues, you can disavow the links and get recovery from manual penalties. After completing all tasks, you need to submit a request of reconsideration. It is time to keep patience.

Tip: Method to avoid penalties

Regular and proper tracking is the only option by which you can minimize the risk of manual penalties and get penalized. In case you find any link faulty, you should proceed immediately and resolve all issues before the search engine takes action.

Reason 2: Ranked Out By Competitor

Method to figure out issue

If you detect a little big change in the ranking and someone else took your place, then it represents the competitor factor. Here, other websites are still holding the same position.

Solution & tip: Method of identification and get recovered

In these conditions, you should analyze the competitor’s website and its activities regularly. Checking out the social profiles is the most efficient way for understanding a competitor’s strategy. It will help you in estimating their next that you can encounter and get your position back.

Try to inspect the competitor’s content strategy

Check out the back-links to figure out the link building strategy

Regular growth of competitors represents that they are following a perfect strategy. You should try to prepare a good search engine optimization work plan accordingly. Here, you need to add some uniqueness and good elements to the strategy by which you can beat them again.

Reason 3: Issues In On-Page Optimization

Method to figure out issue

You are getting unfavorable and dropping ranking trends even after working hard and creating quality content & back-links. On the other hand, your competitors take their advantage and hold higher positions. It is completely representing the issues with on-page optimization of the website. Here, your website ranking starts falling slowly and you are not able to stop such changes.

Solution: Method of identification & get recovered

There are several reasons available that may lead to a bad off-page score and negative ranking trends. Availability of broken links on the website is one of these major issues. With it, bad interlinking also creates lots of barriers. These things are leading to bad page speed and some other on-page issues. By using the Google Search Console, you can easily figure out all these issues quickly. By focusing on the insights, you can easily find out the best solution for resolving the issues.

Tip: Method to avoid issues

You should try to perform all on-page optimization tasks carefully and follow the search engine guidelines. With it, you need to inspect the website perfectly and resolve all issues before it gets indexed by the search engine bots. Availing our best SEO services can help you out here.

Reason 4: Losing Links Regularly

Method to figure out

You can get different types of tools and software on the internet for checking out the stats of back-links. It will show you how much back-links are crawled or removed on a daily basis. If you see a big drop in back-link stats, then it is the reason for losing ranking.

Solution: Method of identification and get resolved

Here, the website owners should check out the link drop rate of the last 90 days. If you find something irrelevant that indicates bad, then you should check out the removed back-links. In case the back-links are removed intentionally with the help of Google Search Console, then it represents a red flag for Google. These types of actions are taken by search engines for unnatural links. In these conditions, it is good to stay calm and accept the situation. If you are going to request Google for getting back-links back, then your website may be penalized. You need to be careful while creating back-links.

Tip: Method to avoid

For avoiding the penalizing threat of Google, you should try to get help from advanced software and track these types of activities quickly. If you get success in tracking, then you should take a step ahead and try to finish all bad links before the search engine does. It is the only way by which you can save a website from such a harmful impact.

Reason 5: Algorithm Updates

Method to figure out

Update in the search engine algorithm may create a big or small change in the ranking. In case everything is perfect, then your website’s ranking may not get affected. If your website’s ranking is dropping rapidly and events are happening suddenly, then it is definitely affected by new updates.

Solution: Method of inspection and get recovered

Firstly, you should gather complete details about new updates of algorithms. If you are working by hiring the professional SEO services, then you can deal with the situation more efficiently. After getting complete details about the updates, you should figure out where you are lacking in following the guidelines. When you get information about the website’s stats and negative points, then you should work and fix it as per the algorithm’s guidelines.

Tip: Method to avoid

For avoiding the bad effects of algorithm updates, you should follow the organic strategies only. With it, a timely inspection of complete should consider to find out technical issues if any. Make changes or updates on the website that are relevant as per your products, community, business industry, and target audience.

Reason 6: Google Flux

Method to figure out

The damage of Google flux cannot be estimated. It can be huge or little. With all these factors, you are not able to predict its existence and effects on the website. It hits the website suddenly and puts your website in a bad position. Sometimes, it looks like a negative SEO attack.

Solution: Method of identification and get recovered

It is very difficult to figure out Google flux effects. In case everything is perfect, then it should be Google flux that affects the ranking.

  • No updates of Google Algorithms
  • No issues due to competitors
  • Not in off-page submissions
  • No issues in the on-page optimization

You do not have any option or method that can help you in getting a quick recovery. All you need to do is keep patience and put efforts as hard as you can for growth. By holding tight, you are capable of getting recovered in a few days. In case you still act carelessly, then it leads to worse and unrecoverable conditions.

Tip: Method to avoid

Facing fluxes is normal but identifying the real issue on time and acting accordingly is important. You should manage the website perfectly. It is a way by which you can save the website from some dangerous effects.

These are some major reasons by which you may face a drop in the website’s ranking. Our search engine optimization services will help you in keeping things perfect and avoid these bad situations. Our professionals follow the search guidelines properly and prepare SEO strategy accordingly. Due to it, all these issues cannot affect your website.