6 Video Interview Tips That Can Help You Succeed

Video Interview Tips

The process of recruiting would be via video interview in upcoming time. Video interview with a stable internet connection has an obvious edge over a telephonic interview for the recruiter. As a face-to-face interview is a bit different some times, video interviews have emerged as a clear winner.

Moreover, the infrastructure required for a video interview is just a desktop/laptop, a stable internet connection, and an online platform to conduct the interview. A few recruiters have mentioned that the amount of energy, time, and money that was put into face-to-face interviews is much more than the video interviews.

Thus, it has become quite important for people to adapt to this new procedure of interview. This write-up focuses and enlightens on video interview tips that can help you crack the video interview.

1. Prepare yourself for the Interview

Irrespective of whether it’s a face-to-face interview or a video interview. Be well-prepared and thorough with the concepts and knowledge. You should also be prepared mentally for the interview. Also, ensure that you aren’t stressed out. Be calm and free of tension before the interview.

2. Wear a Formal Dress

Wearing a formal dress will put you into the zone of the interview. As the part below the abdomen isn’t visible in the video interview, you can avoid wearing formals in that specific part (though not really recommended). Ensure that you’re formally dressed at least above the abdomen that would be visible in the video.

3. Eye contact

Even in the video interview, body language can be well-read by the recruiters. The main observation by the recruiters would be eye contact. Try to look into the camera that would maintain eye contact. Good eye contact indicates high confidence and will help you to gain some points from the recruiter.

4. Test the set-up

The set-up is the medium through which you appear for the video interview. Proper testing of the set-up is required before you appear for the interview. The components you need to test connection are audio & video devices, internet connection, and online platform on which the video interview is to be held.

1. Audio & Video devices:

You need to check the microphone, speakers/headphones, and camera. Run a couple of microphone tests, and follow it with a check of sound emitted by the speakers. If you’re using headphones, then ensure that they are connected properly to your PC. Make sure that there is no echo and disturbance.

The working of the camera must be checked. Ensure that you’re using a plain background only. Also, ensure that there is proper lighting in the room. It shouldn’t be too dark or too bright.

2. Internet connection:

Use a stable Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet. Avoid using your mobile data. If you’re using Ethernet then ensure that it is properly plugged. Try to have a back-up internet connection option too.

3. Online platform:

Platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Skype, Cisco Webex, and many others are used for video interviews. Ensure that you properly understand these platforms, starting from how to log in and joining the platform. You can also set an artificial background using these online platforms.

5. Try to sit in a secluded environment

Disturbances can break your flow and hamper confidence. For a good concentration during the video interview, it is better to sit in a secluded area with minimal disturbances.

6. Speak properly and listen carefully

This tip can be applied to your day-to-day activities as well. Speak slowly and properly. Don’t try to cut or interrupt the interviewer, instead, try to listen carefully. If you have not understood anything then do ask them to repeat, do not give a wrong answer that makes no sense.

Video interviews are part of the new normal. Adapting to this new type of interview can help you land a job. So, work hard and prepare well for your video interview. All the Best!