Discover 7 Types of Paddle Boards for Every Adventure

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Paddle Boards

Paddle boarding is a splendid sport. I have tried so many water sports but no other sport gives me satisfaction than paddle boarding.

So if you’re looking to undertake paddle boarding, you’re in the right place. The first step in buying a paddle board is to understand the different types of paddle boards available on the market.

In this article, we’re going to explore 7 top paddle boards.

Different Types of Paddle Board

1. All-around Paddle Board

This is a great all-around paddle board for beginners. It is also a paddle board for those people who are not sure of the best paddle board for them. The boards are very sturdy and well constructed and can handle most situations such as a small waves or choppy flat water. Nonetheless, they’re slower that the touring paddle boards and have a tendency to be less agile than surf boards. If you’re a learner looking for a basic paddle board, this is a board for you.

2. Flatwater Paddle Board

It is best for those who are willing to paddle in flat water and they want to move long distances. The boards are narrower and longer than the all-around board but not as narrow or long as the touring board.

If you’re deliberating in moving on a paddle boarding excursion where you camp along the seashore, a flat water SUP can be an awesome option. Typically, they’re faster that the surf or paddle boards and stable enough to house additional gear.

Most flat-water paddle boards have a storage space where you can place a sleeping bag, tent, and other amenities.  If you move downwind, you can get surprised at how swiftly you can cover longer distance using this paddle board.

3. Touring Paddle Board

Touring paddle board is narrow board used for racing or long distances. It cuts through the water and tracks in a quick, straight line. This form of paddle boards requires a pro to surf due to their length that makes them less stable than nearly every other form of board. Therefore, the touring SUP is not recommended for beginners. If you’re a beginner and you select this board, you will waste more time trying to stay in the balance and go for the all-around paddle board.

4. Fishing Paddle Board

If you want to enjoy fishing, you should consider casting a line when you’re in the stand up paddle board. The best fishing paddle boards are tremendously stable and have generous room to store your tackle gear.

The fishing paddle board offers more range movement that a fish kayak. Nonetheless, a beginner paddler must ensure that they maintain their balance. Some board come with a built-in storage area, rod holders, and even side extenders that surge stability, comparable to a catamaran.

The only shortcoming to fishing paddle boards is that they’re slow and aren’t as agile as other forms of paddle boards. Overall, they offer a great alternative for beginner paddlers who require a board that is tremendously stable.

5. Surf Paddle Board

Are you and avid surfer or living near the beach? If you’re, you should consider buying this surf/performance paddle board. It comes in a variety of sizes and they tend to be slow to paddle but extremely easy to maneuver. The boards are narrower and longer and are usually egg shaped.

They come in various lengths and a beginner should select a paddle board that is much longer. Also, they should take time to perfect their stroke and achieve balance before they paddle into waves. It is important to maneuver around the different parts of a wave to enjoy surfing.

6. Yoga Paddle Board

Most of the yogis are obsessed with exercising on the paddle board. There are absolutely good reasons for this! Performing yoga on the paddle way is a great method of improving balance and stability with every pose. Additionally, there is an extra element of fun and novelty that comes with practicing yoga on the paddle board.

There are specific paddle boards for yoga on the market. The SUP boards is useful to ensure maximum stability for you to exercise Yoga. They’ve an extra board to carry on your activities in the water. If you’re looking for something unique, try this form of exercise.

7. Inflatable SUP

iSUP are a great choice for any beginner paddlers as they’re affordable. Also, they’re suitable for those people who have limited space as you can inflate and deflate them with a pump.

With the inflatable paddle board, you will not need a roof rack, a trailer, or a massive car to transport it. When you deflate, the board can fit a bag pack and you can transport it even on foot or any sized vehicle. Also, you can be able to easy take it on a flight.

They’re preferred for beginners, people with families, living in apartments, with small vehicles, and anyone on a budget. They’re durable than hard paddle boards and they don’t wear and tear easily.


The article has explained different types of paddle boards available on the market. We hope that you will find the best paddle board that fits your need.