Top 7 Ideas For Home Plant Decoration

Home Plant Decoration
Home Plant Decoration

Here are a few plant-themed home design suggestions: It’s time to use your green thumb while adding indoor plants to your decor!

More and more greenery is showing up in popular design concepts. While we’re not complaining, we think that this tendency will continue. After all, including indoor plants in your living room decor is a fantastic way to express your creativity! You can get design inspiration for your own home with these plant decoration ideas.

Do you cherish indoor plants? If so, you are not to blame. Any living area gains so much character from having an indoor plant. They are also a fantastic way to add some life to your life and your house.

Stress-free interior plant design is possible. We actually think it’s a lot of fun and gratifying. Especially if you have access to an indoor garden.

Plant decoration ideas

1. Layer Plants at Different Heights

A white living room can be given life and intrigue by layering plants. To create the impression of an indoor jungle, pick a variety of forms and shapes and arrange them at various heights, either on stands or hanging as part of a gallery wall. Plants with pink or variegated foliage make excellent decor items because of their striking contrasts. They genuinely appear to have been painted,’ said Eli Manekin. I always advise using white pots with straightforward forms because they don’t compete with your plant.

2. Adorn a Fireplace

Many people who live in houses and apartments never really light a fire in their fireplaces. With indoor plants, you can still utilize the area effectively. Sitting on the edge of the mantel, hanging plants would look fantastic. Alternately, smaller houseplants like a spider plant might be placed at the fireplace’s base. Another nice choice is the tough as nails, glossy green ZZ Plant.

3. Put a Towering Tree on Wheels

A tall fiddle-leaf fig’s broad, leathery leaves can fill (and change) an empty nook. To move it out of the way for cleaning or to shield it from too much sun, make a large plant mobile. You only need a precut chunk of bluestone from a landscaping supply store placed on a wheeled caddy.

Light to moderate care Avoid the intense afternoon sun. After the top inch of soil has dried off, water the area well.

4. Plant decorating with plant shelfies

The term “selfie” is mostly an Instagram meaning that results from combining the phrases “selfie” and “shelf,” especially when the image shows a plant on a shelf.

There are countless plant shelfie options on Pinterest and Instagram. With my “planties” and shelves, I’ve made my own here at home. Instead of staring at a busy shelf filled with book spines of every colour and density, decorating shelves and bookcases with plants and plant-related imagery creates a much more favourable and restful environment.Compared to a monolithic wall of books, a shelf with plants and picture frames has more depth and openness.

5. Create Focal Points While Decorating With Plants

When choosing plants for large homes, large plants make fantastic focal points or accent pieces. The heart of the room is dominated by one sizable, robust plant that immediately catches the eye. Tall plants can actually be used to divide up space for work and play. It serves as the room’s focal point in terms of aesthetics as well. To make them stand out, you may also add focus lights.

6. Place Plants on the Windowsill

House plants that enjoy light are ideal for the windowsill. While they will benefit from the sunshine, some indoor plants can be harmed by draughts and temperature changes, so be cautious about keeping them here when it comes to caring for house plants in the winter.

“Watch out for extremes, such as moving air vents, fireplaces, or locations that are close to exterior doors. According to Emily Wight, co-founder of indoor plant retailer Foli, “Plants thrive in a consistent environment; whenever possible, position plants away from areas that fluctuate frequently.”

7. Explore Vertical Placements for your Plants

A new d├ęcor category all by itself, plant decoration ideas for hanging plants. Typically, choose rattan planters if you want to get a rustic impression. Glass planters are excellent for a crisp, contemporary appearance. As an alternative, you could include LED lighting strips and make this arrangement a focal point for the room.