6 Amazing Tips to Follow For The Modern Farmer

tips for Modern Farmer
Tips for the modern farmer

The process of modernization does not bypass any sphere of the economy, and modern agriculture is significantly different from what it was even several decades ago.

Of course, the main change is the decreasing use of manual labor and replacing it with all kinds of machines. If we compare the world agrarian sector with what it was half a century ago, we, of course, will find differences in technical equipment, but, nevertheless, the approaches to farming do not undergo major changes.

Modern farmers’ approach is to solve problems differently than before. Today, agriculture uses technical innovations as actively as, for example, the automotive industry. In fact, conservatism has ceased to be the prevailing feature of agriculture, and it has been replaced by openness to everything new.

Here are some tips we find useful for the modern farmer:

1. New species and breeds

Last century introduced numerous new breeds of plants and breeds of farm animals that are more productive and the same timeless costly. Increased efficiency enables farmers to earn more with the same or even fewer expenditures. So, every farmer should seek new kinds of plants or animals that will bring him more output for the given unit of input. For example, new breeds of pigs gain weight more rapidly than traditional breeds, while some new breeds of tomatoes can survive lower temperatures and grow faster. 

2. Machinery

Machinery significantly saves time and money. Despite being costly to purchase it is an investment as good as land for example. Even second-hand tractor can do a lot of jobs on the farm, and after being sold to purchase new or more powerful machines.  

3. Knowledge is power

Every business person must be aware of the latest trends and innovations in the industry. So must farmers. Getting knowledge about animals, soils is as important as learning about market trends and conditions. The best source of information is the internet, it is free and fast. Do not hesitate to browse forums and academic papers to learn more, but also at the same time do not forget the importance of professional consulting from industry experts.  

4. Digital means good

We live in the digital era. Everything around us has microchips and most things are connected to the internet. So, why don’t take advantage of the digital era? Smart sensors and smart monitoring systems enable farmers to control conditions inside a barn or greenhouse 24/7. The better conditions animals have, the healthier they are and grow faster and bigger. Not to say about the potential losses caused by animal death. 

5. Drip irrigation

Yet not the most modern solution, but one of the best for sure. Since its inception, drip irrigation has gained immense popularity around the world. And if earlier the cost of metal installations was too high, then the invention of PVC pipes changed the situation radically. Today, drip irrigation is one of the most effective and affordable ways to moisten the soil. In addition, this is the most economical option for liquid supply, which is an essential indicator in our time. With this method, a considerable amount of water can be saved.

6. Hydroponics

It is a method of growing plants using an artificial environment without the use of soil. Their root system is not in the ground, but in a humid-air, water, or moisture-absorbing environment that allows plant roots to breathe.