Essential Mentorship: 5 Must-Do’s for Successful Mentors

Mentor Should Do

Mentoring might not just be the best thing in the world to do when you yourself are successful but want others to change for the good. In that sense, you will need some sort of tactic to make sure those who are under you; they don’t end up without learning anything.

Teaching and mentoring might look like the same thing, but they aren’t. In sense for mentoring, you deal with the person and his instincts more closely and nearer than atoms. And to keep that right in the place for the greater good, here are five things every mentor should do.

1. Do the talk with your Employees:

Your employees might be hiding a lot of things with themselves and might not be able to share that with you. But when things are like this, it’s your turn to do the job. Talk to them. Cheer them up. Make them feel comfortable. Help them out on simple jobs. Only then they might open up to you on their hassles. Talking and communicating with your employees is always the first thing every mentor should be doing. It’s that important.

2. Make sure you understand them:

Taking with them and clearing out all of the doubts won’t always help. You have to understand your employees and take the word out their mouth, about they want to say but they can’t. An able mentor should be able to see these things in the behavior of the employees and figure it out with the blink of an eye. Doing so will make them trust you even more and thus build a better professional relationship.

3. Inspire them:

Helping your employees is not the only thing you should be doing for them. In fact, to make them better from inside and outside, you should always try to inspire them.

Inspiration works like wonders and it can do so for any type of person, whether he is depressed for the job or not being able to perform up to the mark. Most business leaders work on the fact of inspiring their co-workers, as they seem to be the best version of themselves. And this is what mentors should do.

4. Deal with their Problems:

Take their problems as your own. Whether it is a job related one or in their daily life, try to help as much as you can without breaking the job line or usual person to person boundary. So it does not affect any work relationships. Don’t go on the verge to help everybody you can. This is really not necessary as you should also give them the chance to solve their own problems.

5. Keep an eye on them, it’s your Duty:

Look out for them. As being a mentor it’s your duty to keep an eye on their performance and communication strategies and how are they are going on. Also, tracking their performance based on work and practice is also not a bad idea.

Make sure you do the right thing for them being their mentor. Since sometimes they will do look upon you for hope and you should not get back on that path. You can also take help from an expert like Brian Paes Braga and others in order to learn more. Brian Paes-Braga is a Canadian entrepreneur, capital markets executive, and philanthropist.