10 Things You Should be Aware of While Surfing Social Media

Surfing Social Media
Surfing Social Media

Social media is the biggest modern concept that has affected the lives of every human being in different ways. There have always been discussions and debates on the bad and good of social media. However, despite many cons, it has been the most influential part of our lives.

Most of us spend a large amount of time on smartphones surfing the different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. There has been an immense amount of response to the different social media platform both positive and negative. Despite many positive attributes there are still some do’s and don’t to be followed to live a healthy positive environment.

At the different levels of our functions social media makes an impact, here are the 10 things that should be kept in mind while surfing social media:

1. Fake news

The circulation of fake news in the present time has been very dangerous at different levels. People easily believe the things that they see on social media which in turn positively or negatively can affect their lives. It should be the duty of the reader to examine the authenticity of the content and news that they see over the internet.

2. Comparisons

Usually as a part of the nature of human beings people easily compare their lives with others. On social media, people stalk people and get obsessed with the lifestyles of others. Comparison can cause an inferiority complex, depression, anxiety, and other mental problems. So people should keep making the distance from stalking and be positive.

3. Don’t get influenced easily

The people on social media follow different celebrities and social media influencers that from time to time offers such products and services that you probably don’t need, people end up buying such products and services under the bad influence of others that they don’t need and ultimately they suffer economically.

4. Don’t get obsessed with fame

People on social media get obsessed with fake fame and in reality, they completely detach themselves from their social circle. In the competition of likes and comments, people get depressed gets behind everyone else. 

5. Don’t get personal so much

In the present scenario, people are so much involved in social media that they share every personal detail on the platform. In reality, it can cause mass destruction to personal lives. The personal details of people are available on a public platform and it can be used against them in a very negative way.

6. Read the terms and conditions

Usually to create a social media profile users need to enter and provide personal data on the platform and in turn, they ignore the user’s terms and condition. It must be the duty of the user to read all of the terms and conditions while signing up for the services.

Sometimes companies make such terms and condition that allows the company to use the user information for their personal use without the understanding of the user. The user data is mistreated and used against the consent of the users on so many levels. Directly or indirectly it makes bad impressions on the lives of the people.   

7. Protect your data

The users on the social media platform enables the app permission to access the personal data to the developers which in turn can cause damage to the people. Users must be careful while entering and sharing personal data on the platform. Usually, to enter or give access to user account people need to enter a user id and password.

On receiving the fraud calls and under the bad influence of others don’t share your login credentials because wrong access to your account can cause serious injury to your reputation and personal life. 

8. Make contacts only to people you know

Social media is a good place to connect with people but in reality, it is an open door to get access to anyone’s personal life. People at different levels opt to connect with new people but there must be a certain level of understanding to get in touch. While making a new connection keep a background check on the person and don’t share your personal information on the platform.

9. Trolling and bad comments

Trolling is a very usual and popular term in the world of social media. It simply means to start quarreling and upset people which frustrated persons do. It simply creates negativity and can cause an inferiority complex, anxiety, depression, and demoralization. Some people are meant to spread negativity from the very start but in modern-day technology, it is being done on social media.

People make a bad comment, body shaming, religious comments, and bad comments on nationality and on different topics which in turn makes a negative effect on the lives of others. A user to protect themselves usually responds to every negative comment which in turn is not a solution because there is an unlimited number of trollers. You should simply ignore the bad comments and trolls.

10. Be aware of your surroundings

Most of the people around you are connected to you on the different social media platforms.  A real-life observation is required of the people because usually, people show different things on social media but in real life they are opposite. Keep a check on the people you met on social media and real-life and find a balance of both. At the different levels of the relationship with people these factors are counted and matter. 


It can be said that social media platforms are made to connect people and make life easy. But to some extent, it is completely different in the present. There are some do’s and don’ts to be followed. It is to keep yourself protected from any kind of inconsistencies. People should be completely aware of the things they see and observe in their daily life and social media being an important part of it must be taken care of.