15 Tech Gifts for Special Occasions In Corporate Offices

tech Gifts for Corporate Offices
gifts for Special Occasions

The corporate culture is moving from the orthodox methods of gifting. The occasions as special as it gets the gifts will be important for the employers to appreciate the efforts of the employees. A technology-based company or a manufacturing concern technology product is always in demand. The advanced gadgets help the employees to improve productivity.  At the different levels of human resource management corporate gifts plays a pivotal role. The tech gifts are trendy and liked by everyone, in some cases this kind of gift proves to be lifesavers.

Following are the trendy technology products to gift:

1. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are the hot new trend. The compact portable speakers are lightweight and are easy to carry. While traveling and while watching a movie with friends these Bluetooth speakers prove to be worth money.

2. Headphones/ earphones

The earphones are the all-time favorite‚Äôs utility gifts that prove to be favorites of everyone.   These are compatible and useful to the employees while working where some of it comes with the noise cancellation feature, which is useful in a noisy environment.

3. Air filters

Another utility gift that is not required by everyone but very needy in polluted areas to breath fresh air. Air filters are the need for a new generation to live in a healthy environment.

4. Power banks

power bank is a must needed product for everyone nowadays to always be connected and never fall short of the battery. The power banks are always in demand and its in the list of every employer when it comes to corporate gifts.

5. Fitness band

A fitness band is very essential for a healthy lifestyle. The stressful working environment makes daily life hard and it will help the person to keep a track of the good and bad for the health. The fitness band is again a very useful object to gift in the festive seasons.

6. Pen drives

The pen drives are another good option for corporate gifts and it makes sense to gift such useful products to the employees. Ranging from 16GB to 1TB the pen drives proves to be of utmost use.

7. Gift cards/coupons/vouchers

In the list gift cards and vouchers are in high demand. In the corporate gifts, gift cards are most valuable as employees can redeem them to get the things of their choice and it is always trendy. Gift cards make sense to everyone when it comes to corporate gifts.

8. Amazon kindle

The Amazon kindle is a product from Amazon that allows you to read e-books from anywhere. It is a perfect gift for the employees who are into reading. Amazon kindle is exclusively offered by Amazon and from households to corporate offices, Amazon.com delivers this device at different levels.  

9. Google home

The Google home is an artificial intelligence system that gives answers to the every asked question and makes the lifestyle better. It can be gifted to employees for appreciation.

10. Digital frame

A digital frame is a modern need for photo lovers to keep the pictures saved and showcase it most effectively. A digital framework like a normal photo frame but it comes with various add on features like playing beautiful slide shows, making a memorable collage and displaying videos also.

Some digital frames come with the feature of Bluetooth connectivity and some are connected through the internet. To gift someone it sounds like a perfect gift for a perfect technology lover.  

11. Amazon echo

The Amazon echo is a next-generation artificial intelligence system. It has the same functionality as Google home where you can give multiple commands to this device and it gets the work done most effectively. The Amazon echo has inbuilt intellectual artificial intelligence ALEXA that answers the question asked.

12. Subscriptions to OTT platforms

There are many over the top platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, viu & Hulu that allows the users to experience the original web-based content. Most of the time of the peoples is spend on the OTT platforms where most of the digital content is available and most of the content is paid. Another good method of the digital gift is the subscription to these applications.

13. Smartwatch

Smartwatches are the need of new generations where besides indicating time these watches perform different useful functions. There are many options for smartwatches are available from different providers.  The smartwatch makes daily life more efficient and increases productivity as it keeps the tracks of the health and body movements. You can play music, get directions, receive calls and perform other ranges of functions.

14. Air-pods

The air-pods are the wireless Bluetooth earphones. It is lightweight and handy performing all of the functions of a normal earphone. There are many different Air-pods offered by different companies offering different functionality depending on the compatibility with the Smartphone.

15. GoPro

A GoPro is a small action camera that is handy and lightweight. It records high-quality videos to the device and is tough & trendy. While gifting someone useful these action cameras act as the golden feather. However, it is expensive and can not be gifted to every employee but in the events of social gathering these cameras act as a good symbol of reward for participation and it is worth fighting for.  

The items mentioned here are the latest technology and is the need of everyone. Where while gifting your employees to boost the motivation these acts to be the best content for the peoples for the daily needs of the person.


Gifts with the latest technology are exciting for employees and as part of the program, the gifts improve the productivity of the company also at different levels. The employees are the greatest assets of any company and they deserve the encouragement that can be seen in a value for money gift.