What Is Hair Extension? How To Take Care Of Hair Extension

Take Care Of Hair Extension
Hair Extension

If you have ever wondered what is Hair Extension, then you have come to the right place. Hair Extension is just one of those things that everyone has dreamed about at some point in their lives. Yes, it is true, your hair can be made shorter and thicker just by having a procedure done on your head! It is an amazing wonder to behold, however, do not rush out and buy your very own Hair Extension that you have been wanting, because most of the time they are not that cheap too!

What is Hair Extension?

To make a long story short, we need to first define what Hair Extension really is and how it is performed, so that we can get some clarity on this common procedure. Well, to begin with, the hair is “extended” or attached to the scalp via one of two ways: By the use of a clipper or needle. As you might have guessed, these are two different types of ways of attaching the hair to the scalp.

Many people want to have this done to their hair as a way of simply having the look of a more elongated head of hair. The reason why it is done this way is that it is faster and more effective. This is why it is so popular and why it is a great method for first-time users of hair extensions.

Another common myth about hair extensions is that they come in one size fits all or even small sizes. That is a myth. Every person’s hair has its own unique growth pattern and also its own length. In order to get the right results from a Hair Extension, you will need to choose the right method of attaching the extension to your scalp. This will ultimately lead to a better-looking head of hair.

How to Take Care of Hair Extension

If you want to know how to take care of hair extension then here are some tips for you. Whether you have made the decision to purchase a hair extension or if you have a completely new one, it is important to use the proper techniques for hair care and maintenance. A good conditioner can help prevent dryness, and damage as well as maintain healthy growth. You can also use a flat iron to help protect your new extensions.

The first step in caring for extensions is to cut your hair short. In addition, avoid washing it regularly. This may cause damage and shrinkage. For added shine, apply a gloss after washing. In fact, dry it completely between washes so that it will not shrink and break.

Use Natural Conditioner

Use a natural conditioner. Using a chemical-based haircare product will strip the hair of natural oils that are necessary for healthy growth. Therefore, natural hair products such as a warm conditioner are recommended to keep the hair moisturized. Natural conditioners contain vitamins that are necessary for healthy hair.

Do not use styling products on extensions. If you do so, you will strip the hair of its natural oils. A good conditioning shampoo should be used to maintain the hair.

Use Product with Natural Ingredients

To obtain a good conditioner, you can buy it from the salon. If this is not possible, purchase it at a drug store. It is important to make sure that it contains natural ingredients because you do not want to expose your hair to harmful chemicals. You may also want to use a wide-tooth comb to clean the extensions and to shape them into desired hairstyles.

The best way to shape them is by pressing them with your hands onto your scalp. You can find many styles to make them look longer and fuller. Just be careful to use lotion afterward to help protect your hair. You may also want to allow the conditioner to dry naturally before styling it with a comb.

It is essential to shape them when they are wet. It is usually best to use a wide-tooth comb to shape them. Use a gentle circular motion to shape them into desired styles. In some cases, the length of the extensions can be shortened. This is normally done using either scissors or pliers.

Take Advantage of Natural Oils

Another essential step is styling. You can take advantage of the natural oils on the hair. This helps the extensions to stay looking healthy and beautiful. Although you may only see these extensions a short time, you will realize that it will be worth the price. You can continue to style them whenever you want without fear of damaging them.

With some treatments, the hair extension can be completely removed. The safest and easiest way to remove hair extensions is to remove the glue. Also, the styling product that was used should be discarded and the conditioner should be washed.

Apply Conditioner Properly

Once the glue has been removed, the conditioner should be rinsed with warm water. Thereafter, it should be dried. Be sure to apply the conditioner properly. Even if the stylist used a heat protecting spray, it is still important to apply the conditioner to prevent damage to the hair.

The most important thing that you may not know is that you may find it necessary to temporarily cover the extensions. If you suffer from dry hair, the extensions may become damaged. Therefore, temporary hair covers can protect your hair and provide the same style and look.

Last Words

Using proper care and techniques will allow you to have beautiful, healthy-looking hair for a long time. You will soon find that when the price for extensions comes down to affordable prices, you will not regret purchasing them.