Find Top 9 Summer Activities To Do In India

Summer Activities To Do In India

People love to explore new things and experience new activities. Most of tourist destinations of India are offering you adventures activities. There is some most beautiful summer activities are available at different tourist destinations of India. Check out these activities and plan the same during your holiday. These activities will make your holiday special and exciting.

Summer activities are easier to plan for everyone at different locations of India. People specially plan their tour to experience these beautiful activities from Delhi. It is very beneficial for everyone. One can enjoy their holiday and weekends with these activities. Also it offers you time to create valuable memories with loved ones. You will get sufficient time to spend with your loved ones. It establishes love into your relationship and offers you quality time. Even these activities are perfect for newlyweds also. You can build trust into your new relationship by spending such a beautiful time together.

1. Explore wildlife sanctuaries

Explore wildlife sanctuaries

One of the beautiful options to spend your summer vacations is Wildlife Sanctuary. There are number of sanctuaries that you can visit during summer in India. One can plan this beautiful trip with their loved ones and enjoy the thrill. You can visit rich flora and fauna and various wildlife animal here. Jeep safari is the main activity that you can plan here. Jim Corbett is beautiful national park to enjoy wildlife during summer. Here you can visit animals that never visited on any other places. Make your weekend worthy and enjoying with this beautiful outing.

2. Go for amazing water sports

A water sport are completely refresh yourself and offers you amazing memories. You can explore the beauty of underwater with these amazing activities. Scuba diving and board surfing are some beautiful example of water activities. Also you can plan swimming, boating and river rafting. There are number of tourist destinations that offer you all these activities. Beaches of India are beautiful places for underwater experiences. You can also plan to Shimla for other water activities like boating and river rafting. Make your tour special with these amazing adventures activities.

3. Enjoy trekking and hiking

Trekking is another beautiful activity that offers you chance to explore high mountains. People can plan their trip to Manali destinations to experience the same. The entire landscape is enclosed with high ranges of hills and mountains. People love to plan their holiday here for amazing mountains activities. These activities are includes hiking, mountaineering, climbing and trekking. You definitely enjoy all these activities during summer vacations. One can also experience the beautiful sunrise and sunset at Manali and enjoy scenic beauty. Move to this beautiful destination and enjoy your holiday.

4. Plan camping with group

Camping is another activity that offers you unique and amazing experiences. Most of people are love to plan camping to nearby beautiful destination. Kasol is one the major attractions in Himachal Pradesh near Manali. Here you can plan the same activity and enjoy beautiful greenery. Even camping is offering you chance to spend every moment with this beauty. In this, tourists are making their shelter at particular spot and explore surrounding. Even they are visit and experience night beauty and shining stars also. It is completely different adventure for thrilling experience.

5. Cycling on uneven surfaces

Cycling is also preferred activity during the time of summer. Generally people are experiencing this activity many times during their daily life. But planning it during your tour is different. Cycling during your tour is planned on uneven surfaces. You can visit beautiful surrounding around you during this adventure. Also you can enjoy some challenges also like zig zag path and uneven surfaces. One can also enjoy the path that is going up and down on some moments. You can plan this activity with group and individual also.

6. Spend whole day on beach

Spend whole day on beach

Goa is preferred destination to enjoy sea beaches and sunny days. People love to spend their whole day with watching beautiful sea and amazing surrounding. You can plan this tour with your family and friends to enjoy every moment. It is well known destination to refresh people. One can reduce their stress with spending free time with loved ones. Also it establishes love into your relationship and make your love bonding stronger. It is best place for your summer holiday. You definitely enjoy every second of your holiday here.

7. Experience paragliding

Planning activities with loved ones is always offering you peace and happiness. People love to plan these activities with family and friends. There is one more activity that offers you thrill more than your thought. Planning paragliding with your loved ones is amazing option in this list. It is completely unique and thrilling activity. You can explore high hills, greenery and rivers from height with this activity. It is beautiful air activities that everyone can plan and enjoy the most.

8. Visit Himalayan ranges

North India is offering various tourist destinations due to greater Himalayas. There are number of amazing tourist destinations situated on foothills of Himalayas. People love to explore these destinations because of beautiful surrounding and pleasant environment. It is preferred place for summer vacation because of low temperature. Due to situated on foothills of Himalayas, you can experience here comparatively low temperature. Even when other places are feeling comparatively high temperature, here temperature is low. Move to these beautiful places and explore snow capped mountains and Himalayas treks.

9. Travel around lush greenery and backwater

One more amazing tourist destination that is well known for its beautiful surrounding is Kerala. Even people are using world “God’s own Country” for this destination. This is most amazing and beautiful place to experience lush greenery. One more thing that you can visit here is backwater. This is not available at all destinations of India. It offers you number of activities and best place to visit during summer holiday. You can spend your day with boathouse and enjoy this unique concept. Travel with your family, friends and group during Kerala tour.