5 Steps to To Start A BLOG : Guide For Beginners

Start A BLOG
Start A BLOG

When you want to become a blogger and don’t know when or how to start a blog, you just keep postponing your plan and rethink it all over again. So, the very first step to start a blog is to STOP PROCRASTINATING and get on to start a blog!

Starting a blog can be one of the best decisions of your life, it won’t only help you make money online but also live your life in your own conditions. There are people out there who are making millions with their blog without a 9-5 job.

In fact, most of them are already living a retired life, just because of their successful blog.

To help you out in your journey, we have the shortest and simplest guide on how to start a blog for you! Let’s quickly hop on to the article.

Quick Steps to Start a BLOG

1. Grab on a Niche for your blogs

To become a successful blogger, you must research well. Research well, not just for the content but to make it big as a blogger. So, picking the right niche for your blogs is of great importance! The two simple steps to find your niche is:

  • First, pick a niche that interests you the most—your passion.
  • Second, ensure that your niche can draw enough audience attention—look for trending topics people search for.

When you have picked on a niche, I recommend you validate it first with an easy 3-step formula:

  • Estimate your niche size.
  • Know more about your competitors.
  • Evaluate the monetization potential.

This way you can find a loyal reader’s base that is interested in your content and makes your blogging journey smooth and fun.

2. Choose the Best Blogging Platform

There are two kinds of blogging platforms: Hosted blog and Self-hosted blog solutions. Although many new bloggers are tempted to go for hosted blog solutions like Tumblr, and blogger because it’s free, I’d personally recommend you to go for self-hosted ones.

This is because as hosted platforms are ‘free’, they bear a lot of limitations. A few of the limitations include, your blog name will be set as a subdomain and you’ll get subjected to their rules, regulations, and restrictions.

You don’t want that if you are really serious about blogging! The simplest way is to start a blog with WordPress.

3. Find a Web Hosting and Domain

Your domain name is crucial as this is how you’ll be known online, irrespective of your chosen niche. It’s a unique address on the Internet for your blog. You can go for a domain name that may be the highly popular “dot com”, or it may be niche or country-specific.

4. Make your Blog Attractive

Since you got covered with the technicalities of how to start a blog, let’s understand how to make your blogs attention-grabbing? Your blog needs a face: a perfect layout and unique design.

The look and feel of a new blog completely depend on the chosen theme. Every first-time reader is going to notice the overall facade of your webpage before moving on to the content. Select a theme wisely: a theme that looks great, and serves your specific content needs as well.

5. Promote Your Blog

Publish and pray approach won’t work anymore, you’ll have to promote your content to get visitors to read it. Once you are done with writing, you should start promoting it wherever you can promote be it social media, guest blogging, newsletters, etc. You can even ask your friends to share your content on their social media. Make sure you reach the right audience who love to consume your content.


Congratulations, now you are ready to start a blog! Don’t stress or procrastinate anymore just start your blogging journey without a second thought. We wish you all the best.