7 Reasons Why Shopify is Perfect Shop System for SMEs

benefits of Shopify
benefits of Shopify

Many of our customers, especially start-ups, are faced with the challenge of wanting to sell their products on the Internet at some point. Whether in the B2B or B2C area, there is often a need for an online shop and, depending on the business model, makes sense. All too often, expensive solutions such as Magento or Shopware are used here. We believe that Shopify as a shop system is exactly the right shop system for a wide range of customer requirements. We have good reasons for this.

1. Faster time to market

Shopify’s business model is based on the so-called software as a service concept. This means that the entire operation of Shopify takes place and you don’t have to worry about hosting or installation.

Shopify is also programmed in the programming language Ruby on Rails. This widespread and easy-to-learn programming language enables adjustments in a short time and at manageable costs. 

These two factors ensure that a complete Shopify store can often be ready to listen in just a few weeks. 

2. Low initial costs

At Shopify, there are no costs for registering an account or for setting up your own shop. The costs involved in z. B. Magento created for the shop to run at all, are completely eliminated. A real benefit that quickly 10-20k. Euros can mean less investment. 

3. Scalable infrastructure

It doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 100,000 visitors a day, Shopify takes care of all of the infrastructure scaling. This means that the next Lions Den episode cannot ensure that the shop is no longer accessible. And the best? The data traffic has no effect on the monthly price of your own shop. 

4. ALL relevant payment methods

It is often complicated and expensive to offer payment methods such as credit cards or Bitcoin in your own online shop. With Shopify you have the possibility to offer all relevant payment systems quickly and without additional costs and thus to offer your customers the best possible service. 

5. Integrated merchandise management system

Young companies in particular often do not yet have their own inventory control system. Shopify can support this as it has a built-in inventory control system. This not only improves your own processes, but also saves money.
And in the event that you already have a merchandise management system, the connection is often easy to solve. 

6. Logistics out of the box

One of the most complex issues in running an online shop is handling shipping logistics. Customers should know early on what shipping costs and how long it will take. Thanks to automatic connections to the largest shipping service providers, the shipping process is always easy to control and clear, even with high order volumes. 

7. Multi-channel experience

With Shopify you can not only sell in your own online shop, but also in stationary stores or on Amazon. And all of this without adjustments and out of the box. Start-ups in particular appreciate this advantage so that they can simply try out new channels without having to make high investments in software integrations. 

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