How to Ride Electric Scooter: Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Perhaps, it’s your first time to ride or own an electric scooter. Congratulations! You’re about to join millions of other owners who uses electric scooter for commuting to school or work every day. Electric scooters have gain popularity among urban commute due to their ease of use and the ease of maintenance.

Riding an electric scooter should not be hard as atomic physics or nuclear science. If you have tried riding a bike, then this one should not be a big deal. However, you need to follow certain procedures to ensure that you’re successful. This article will offer you with tips and guide on how to ride electric scooter easily.

Ride Electric Scooter


We suggest that you practice in an area that is spacious such as parking lots and back streets. Afterward, you can practice in the roads and busy streets.

Step by Step Guide on How to Ride Electric Scooter

Follow the steps listed below to learn riding electric scooter

  1. Start by placing your electric scooter’s wheel on flat ground
  2. Unlock your scooter by pressing a switch or activating certain key. There are various models of electric scooters that have no locking structure and that is okay.
  3. Ensure that the kickstand it is not popped up. Most people forget about the stand when they’re new riders.
  4. Turn on your best electric scooter for commuting by pressing the button. If you’ve an advance electric scooter with LED display will assist you to know everything you need or require while riding. Also, it will assist you to know the distance you’ve covered and other significant data.
  5. The 5th step is essential as it makes the scooter to move. Observe the following two things: The throttle and the hand brakes. Mostly, the break is exceptionally sensitive and should be used largely for emergency stops and tight corners.

    Don’t attempt to hit the accelerator very fast as you may fly off and fall for an accident. Try to be gentle as you start and also look for the foot brakes. The foot brakes help to gradually slowing down your scooter when it’s moving at any speed or make a casual stop.

    Next, you can move on to the throttle that is normally located on the right side of your handlebars for most of the electric scooters. This will help to take you to your next destination.
  6. Remember to switch off when you reach to your destination so that you can save on energy.

Things to remember while riding

There are tips that you should follow while you’re riding.

1. To avoid accidents

  • Always ride alone as this electric scooter’s are made to handle the weight of only one individual. So, always ride alone otherwise you can be exposed to accidents or you can destroy your electric scooter.
  • Avoid performing dangerous stunts as these are lightweight machines that mayn’t be suitable in handling the much-unwanted pressure.
  • Don’t allow your friends to push you from the bike as you ride as this may result to you losing control and face a calamity
  • Always follow traffic rules and wear safety gears
  • Ride slowly and don’t attempt to become a pro overnight
  • Avoid riding on wet grounds or in rainy season as the roads can be slippery and you can easily slide and fall

2. Checking the Condition of your Scooter

  • Checking the condition of your tires before starting your ride
  • Ensure that your brakes works well
  • If your scooter has visor or screen feature, make sure that the screen is kept clear
  • Clean your scooter before going for a ride

3. In case of an Accident

Even the most proficient scooter rider can fall from time to time. In case you’re about to fall, remember that you should not panic. Whatever the case, don’t grab the throttle as this can only result to worsening the situation. Don’t try to protect your valuable scooter.

Instead, basically let go everything and jump away from your electric scooter. In a great way, focus on getting away from the danger.


As explained, riding an electric scooter is not a complicated affair. Nonetheless, you need to brush up on your balance and become familiar with the machine you’re riding. Importantly, be patience and don’t rush to understand everything at once. If you’ve a friend who is already riding, you can ask them to show you some tip that can be helpful in riding.