7 Latest Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Remodeling Ideas For Small Bathrooms
Small Bathrooms

Are you looking for tiny bathroom ideas that will make it feel more spacious? A tiny bathroom is one of the most difficult spaces to decorate due to the lack of area, minimal natural light, and the number of fixtures to fit in. When done correctly, however, the entire room will appear brighter and more spacious. You won’t have to spend a lot to cut a window into the wall, either.

These small Bathroom Remodeling ideas demonstrate that bold design elements can work in even the tiniest spaces, in addition to making the most of the available space. So, here are the best ways to make powder rooms, half-baths, and other small (often windowless) bathrooms more comfortable and enjoyable. Your tiny bathroom will likely become your new favorite room.

1. Use a Bathtub Caddy

You may or may not have a small bathtub ledge if you have a small bathroom. Designers can want to reduce the width of bathtubs to fit into small spaces, which means you’re out of luck if you don’t have a shower niche or corner shelf. What is the solution? A tray for the bathtub. 

Furthermore, you can use it for multiple reasons. Such as for your book while you relax in the bathtub. Also, for arranging your toiletries. Therefore, it can double up space.

2. Install a Glass Shower Door

If you are starting from scratch, this can make a huge difference. Consider scraping out the curtains entirely and instead install a glass shower door. Besides, glass shower doors are beneficial for small bathroom spaces as they can make the area look bigger. 

Of course, you can always hire professional Bathroom Remodeling Contractors for an amazing job. So, consider this idea and open up the space for good.

3. Build a Shower Bench 

You can still make your bathroom feel and look luxurious even if it only has room for a small shower. A floating bench improves both the formal and functional aspects of the space. Moreover, you should customize your space as per your liking. Also, you can utilize the bench space to manage and palace your stuff if you have no shelves.

A floating shelf for essentials including washcloths, hand soap, candles, and tissues would be a lifesaver in a small room. For that choose a texture-rich wallpaper if there isn’t much space for fun decor. Besides, you can install it right under the mirror as well.

4. Build Shower Niches

This is yet another space saver. When remodeling a small bathroom, you must include a shower niche in your plans. If you need a wide tub or if yours takes up the entire room between the two walls, make sure you conserve space elsewhere.

Built-in shelves and niches for towels and accessories should be built into the wall behind the bathtub. As it can save your space and help you to achieve a fuller look.

5. Shower and tub in one

Furthermore, if you don’t have enough room for a walk-in tub, merge the bathing and showering stations into one enclosure. Usually, to make the most of the limited floor space, homeowners often tuck a small soaking tub inside the walk-in bathroom. Additionally, the two-in-one concept has the benefit of keeping splashing water and wet footprints away from the commode and vanity areas.

6. Extend the bathroom floor tile into the shower

Unbroken lines add dimension to any space. So, install the same tile on your floor and shower to build this look in your bathroom. The consequence is a smooth surface that makes the entire space appear larger. Hence, incorporate this innovative technique and enjoy a luxury look.

7. Doorless Walk-in Shower

To make a small walk-in shower feel even bigger, remove the door. As for this shower, it is separated from the rest of the small bathroom by a fixed glass door. The door is built with an opening that allows users to freely come and go. In addition cover, the surfaces with tile to waterproof the shower stall, then place the shower head and controls on the wall opposite the opening to avoid splashing.


In conclusion, limited space does not stop you from living large. Before you hire a realtor to help you find a new home, remember this: all you need are a few strategic styling ideas to make small bathrooms look as good as their larger counterparts. Additionally, contact Citylocal101 today, remodel your existing bathroom, and make it look good as new.