6 Points To Take Care During A Home Renovation

Home Renovation

Do you plan to renovate your home? Then first of all, congratulations! There are many benefits of home renovation. For example, the process can increase the value of your property, you can set right any flaws or repairs. The least, but not the last, a home renovation can make your home a comfortable place to live, for your family members.

Yes, with these factors being said, you also need to ensure that some points are looked into before starting the process. The reason, a hasty home renovation can not only cost you money, but it will be harmful in the long run. In this article, you will know the points you have to take care during a home renovation.

So, if you give us the permission, shall we look into the factors you have to focus on in the process of home renovation?

To ensure we give the right information to you, our loyal readers, our team interviewed real estate and home improvement experts. The points mentioned below are just a rehash of their previous experiences or situations in their illustrious career.

1. You Spend On Less Expensive Items/Opt For Cheap Labor

Cheap Labor

Yes, there is something called a budget and even we understand. You can make use of your own DIY experiences when choosing low-cost materials. But please ensure that the term called as quality does not get compromised.

Experience comes with a price, and that goes even for handyman professionals. And do not forget the fact that home renovation is a one-time investment. If the home renovation has been done in a perfect way, then during the sale, you can reap the benefits.

Instead, if you have opted for cheap labor, chances are the finishing will not come in perfect order. Let us take an example. If you want to install hardwood floors and the workmen have installed them with big gaps, then the entire renovation process is a waste of time and money.

2. Wrong Time

Wrong Time

Ask any home improvement expert or real estate agent. They will vouch for the fact, weather plays an important role in home renovation. If you have opted for the construction of a new room for your home during the winter, understand the challenges. If there is constant rain, the construction will come to a standstill. Chances are that the parts constructed during winter can experience repairs of various types, ranging from leakage to electrical problems. This is one important point you have to take care during a home renovation.

3. Consult Only Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Suppose you want to renovate your home in the capital of Karnataka State. So where will you find the top civil contractors? It is easy. You just need to download the app of companies providing household services Bangalore, and then search for the best civil engineer profiles or companies. Then you can place a request for hiring the best engineer in the city. He/she will come to your place and conduct an inspection. Then he can clarify your doubts, and you can complete the job on time.

There is another factor you need to consider. You just cannot build a home as per your requirement. You need to get permission from the concerned department authorities and there are also some restrictions to build/renovate your home. For example, you need to take permission from the Water Works Department. An experienced civil engineer will know the rules and permits. So, your project will not run into obstacles.

4. Borrowing Funds

Borrowing Funds

Is there a heavy chance that you may have to borrow loans or funds from a third party to renovate your home? The reason, in case you may have to sell the house in quick time, then the loan EMI will act as a deterrent.

5. Check If The Renovation Fetches More Value For Your Home Than The Neighborhood

Renovation Fetches

Okay, so you have got the best home renovation for your dwelling. But did you check the area you live in? Chances are if you live in a middle-class area and have done more than the required expense, you may not get ROI during the resale of homes. Real estate agents prefer to buy a home based on the market and area value.

6. Patio Renovation

Patio Renovation

Yes, patio renovation is necessary but you need to take to account some pointers mentioned in this article. Let us look into the details.

A. Lighting


If you have a large home and patio, have a consultation with your family members on how to use the free space. Do you want the guests to have a conversation? Then you can go for low lighting. But if you want the children to play during the night, then illumination has to be done with strong lights.

B. Electricity

You may have the best lighting equipment and carvings of wood made for the patio, but did you consider the electricity lines? Chances are that trees are abounded by the patio space, and the electricity department cannot install the poles nor draw the lines. So, before taking ideas for renovating the patio, ensure that you look into this aspect. Now, do you consider this situation as one among the many points you have to take care during a home renovation?

C. Sun Rays

Do you want to install cement tables and chairs in the patio? Then ensure that the location of sun rays, trees, and the shadows are taken into consideration. The seating arrangements need to be installed in the perfect place.

Do you want to renovate only the patio space? This option is also available. But ensure you take the guidance of a seasoned architect in the city. If you want to make the entire space to a garden, then ensure to take the advice of a professional gardener in the city.


With the last line of the above paragraph, we come to the end of the article – points you have to take care during a home renovation. Hope the points mentioned has given you enough information to ponder over when you opt for home renovation.

Do you feel we have missed an important point? Then please put your questions or comments in the specified section.