Find 7 Best Places To Get The Best Job in India

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Move for Job

India is a huge country, and every day many people move from one city to another to find an appropriate job. But do you know the perfect places in India where you can live your dream job life?

Whether you graduate from any college under any course, these following cities can become your dream job place.

It is a very tough choice to choose between a small city and a metropolis. Because both have their benefits, in small cities all the things and resources are easily accessible, and in big metropolitan cities, you can get a good amount of money. 

But believe me, if you get a chance to have a job in big cities, you must go for it without hesitation. Moreover, if you are an undergraduate degree holder, you can also pursue your post-graduation degrees while working on a good pay scale. This is the benefit of big cities. The cities mentioned below houses great colleges for your masters.

Let’s come to the topic again. Here is the list of the best cities to move to for a job in India:

1. Bangalore

Bangalore is termed as the IT capital of the Silicon Valley of India. It is also home to loads of IT companies. It is easy for you to find a job in Bangalore if you are from the IT sector.

The living expenses of the city are also very cheap, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on renting a home, eating food and transportations.

All the major parts of the cities are connected with the Metro to travel around the city easily. Bangalore gives the best opportunities to uplift your career in very little time.

2. Pune

Pune has also emerged as an IT hub in the past decade. It offers an inspiring life to the youth of our country. The city offers some amazing job opportunities, but you have to spend wisely if you move to Pune. 

Pune is an economically-rich city with various sectors like research-based industries, IT, technology-based industries, and the automotive industry.

The city of Pune is a complete fusion of traditional and modern culture. You will also enjoy the nightlife of the city. Pune provides you with a complete mix of universities, ashrams, palaces, IT companies, and museums.

3. Delhi

Delhi, the capital region of India, holds many opportunities for freshers as well as experienced personals. The lifestyle of Delhi is super amazing, and the living cost is also not much. 

Delhi houses companies like Cognizant Technology Solutions, Siemens Networks, HP, Motorola, HCL Technologies, Mahindra, Microsoft, IBM, Dell Inc., and many more. The only thing which is bad about Delhi is Pollution. Else, Delhi is one of the best places to work and live. 

Delhi is growing economically daily. And it attracts job seekers from all over the country. 

4. Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. Several people daily come to Mumbai to fulfill their career goals. Mumbai is an Epi-centre for startups, big businesses and Bollywood. Mumbai is very costly, so you must think twice before planning to settle in Mumbai.

Aside from the entertainment world and Bollywood, there are numerous medical services, coordinations, materials, IT, and different associations where you can discover incredible achievements. Mumbai also accommodates so many activities to do on weekends, and the climate is also good. The city has the best culture for the youth of India. 

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5. Hyderabad

Hyderabad is an emerging IT hub of India. It is also the fusion of modern and old-school India. Hyderabad offers a huge opportunity to freshers. The increasing IT sector and industries in Hyderabad give so many people chances of employment. 

The organizations like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon, have an immense presence in this city. Also, India’s biggest pharma companies are headquartered in Hyderabad. It has a huge amount of startups, and also it comes in the third-ranking of the number of startups after Bangalore and Delhi. 

6. Chennai

Chennai, or Madras, is one of the oldest developed cities in India. The major population of Chennai are all educated and job personals. So you will not feel any distress if you move to Chennai. 

This city is mainstream for the modern fragment and home to PC, auto, equipment producing, innovation, just as medical services ventures. Chennai is also known as the banking capital and has the largest number of banking professionals living in the city. 

7. Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the most important cities of East India, both commercially and economically. The major industries in Kolkata are food processing, agriculture, heavy engineering, steel and many more. 

The living expenses in the city are also not that high. You can easily get accommodation in your budget. 


Whether you choose any city from the above-given list, one thing you must remember to think twice before making your decision. Ask your friends and family about the city, and if anyone has experienced it, follow his words. 

Check the prices of accommodation, transportation, and other resources before moving to the new city. Also, check the availability of food and its prices and then make your decision. 

Rent a house within 10 kms of your workplace, so that you can easily go to your office. Hire the professionals while moving; they will help you a lot. Check the complete background of the company you are moving because prevention is better than a cure.

Take all your important documents with you, in case you need them anywhere.