5 Omega-3 Fat Rich Foods You Can Have in Your Daily Diet Other Than FISH

You probably are aware of the fact that our body is unable to synthesize Omega-3 fats which are a very vital requirement of the body. it is popular for its health-benefiting features. You probably have heard it that fishes are a good source of these fats and you can obtain it by eating it or just having fish oil.

Well, don’t worry as you are not just limited to FISHES for these value intakes, you can have any of the following as these foods are rich in Omega 3 fats and you can easily have them in your daily diet:


1. Salmon

You probably have heard its name among the foods rich in vitamin D. But the food is also a good source of omega -3 fats, proteins and even minerals like phosphorous. A great source of Omega-3 fats –EPA and DHA can be consumed 2-3 times per week. The healthy fats present in salmon helps with numerous cardiovascular activity like reduced inflammation. In fact, consumption of salmon is proven effective in lowering the risk of heart attack, arrhythmia, blood pressure and many more.

2. Walnuts

Nuts and dry fruits are no less than the treasures hiding so much value within. But for Mega-3 fats, we are particularly talking about Walnuts. You can have them as they happen, sprinkle them over salads and porridge and even have them as an essential ingredient of your baked dishes. Apart from providing with all different kinds of vascular benefits, you can have it to aid your weight loss and later for maintaining on the ideal scale.

3. Canola oil

Many of you are using olive oil as your oil to cook food in. But you can try canola oil as well as it is one of the healthiest cooking oil. What makes it the top choice? It has very less content of saturated fat which makes it highly beneficial even when you consume it in right quantity on a regular basis. No worries over the temperature resistance as well as it can withstand high cooking temperature too. Moreover, it will cost you much less than olive oil.

4. Chia seeds

What if we tell you that these edible seeds are very beneficial when it comes to obtaining your daily nutrients? Yes apart from being the rich sources of Omega-3 fats, they are great sources of several dietary fibers along with vitamins and minerals. Wait the list doesn’t end here as they are loaded with proteins, magnesium and calcium which make them effective in lowering down the risk of type 2 diabetes. Also, they provide with health benefits to the brain as well.

5. Roasted Soybeans

For many people, it might come as a total surprise. Because this plant source is a good source of Omega-3 fats. Yes, you heard it all right. In fact, it promotes heart health as it has ALA. So do you want to cater your body requirement of Omega-3 fats, Go for a bowl of roasted soybeans. It is good news for all the people looking for different sources of Omega-3 fats in the vegetarian platter.