5 Smart Tools to Monitor Website Traffic Most Effectively

Monitor Website Traffic
Monitor Website Traffic

Traffic really is the lifeblood of any online business. We want targeted traffic. But what we need to do is? We need to know where the traffic is coming from. It’s already been proven that monitoring website traffic and deal with the stats properly can effectively grow your businesses. What should you need to do to get more traffic? You need to track and monitor website traffic in order to increase your visitors and ultimately your profits.

We want to increase our traffic from all the sources that are working well for us. In order to monitor your traffic you have to check whether all of the monitoring traffic sources are working for your website or not?

You have to keep deep eyes on it and monitor which advertising campaigns are profitable for your business. No matter how much your site is producing traffic. If you handle all the data of your site wisely, you’ll surely get positive result soon and it also helps you to reduce your site’s bounce rate.

No matter … what your business is? How large your business is? You just need targeted traffic in order to get more leads and eventually convert them into sales to maximize your monthly profit. Isn’t it?

Why Track your website

Do you know? Why it’s important to track your website traffic and need to monitor it? Do you know from where you are getting most of your targeted traffic?  Have you tracked your website traffic yet? If no, then in my opinion it might be the biggest mistake you are doing so far.

Now, let me tell you… why…

I am assuming that you are in the blogging industry for long and your site has traffic as well. Don’t you want to expand your site reach to millions of people?

Absolutely you want…

So, why are you waiting for? ?

 To boost your traffic you need to monitor website traffic on daily basis by using any of the tools I’ve mentioned below or any other tools you know.

Why do you need Analytics tool to monitor traffic?

There are lot of factors that you need to analyze with analytics tool. But, I’ve mentioned few of them:

  • To find who is your targeted audience
  • From where most of your website traffic coming from
  • Traffic sources where you need to focus
  • To measure your goals

Tools to Monitor Website Traffic Wisely:

1. Google Analytics:

Google analytics is the company that runs by Google. This tool is really really powerful and for beginners it’s more than a piece of cake. Probably, you have heard tons of time about Google analytics might be you’ve been familiar with Google analytics tool. What else if not Google analytics?

Despite being too much popular and worthy, the best thing about Google analytics is, it’s free to use for all webmasters. You can also be able to link the Google adwords account with your Google analytics account.

To get more clear for you to understand, I’m going to show you a screenshot of Google analytics tool that how it works.

Google Analytics

2. Moz Analytics tool:

When I look for analytics tool, Moz is my first choice. This tool allows you to monitor website traffic with their smart and accurate metrics. You can also come to know about your site’s bounce rate and the duration of time visitors are spending on your site.

The best thing about this tool is, it’s not just for monitoring website traffic but through this tool you will be able to audit your whole site just in minutes.

Through Moz analytics, you can track up to 350 keywords and find the strength of each keyword you are using. This tool will also show you the top pages of your site and the keywords that are driving traffic to your site.

To get more clear for you to understand, I’m going to show you a screenshot of Moz analytics tool that how it works.

moz analytics tool

3. Raven Analytics Tool:

Raven analytics tool works with Google analytics. To get connected with Raven analytics tool you need to connect it with your Google analytics account or if you don’t have, you should create one to get interactive reports from Raven analytics.

Do you know why this tool is amazing?

You don’t need to do any efforts. Raven analytics tool will do everything for you. It’s an automated analytics reporting tool, that saves your lot of precious time. This tool will generate a report for you about your site performance, searches, bounce rate, average visitor’s time duration on your site and much more.

To get more clear for you to understand, I’m going to show you a screenshot of Raven analytics tool that how it works.

Raven analytic tool

4. W3 Counter:

Like Google analytics, W3 counter is another on-going stunning tool to analyze your website. Do you know why I love this tool?

Just because of the accuracy of this tool and real time reports.

This tool is a blessing of disguise for all bloggers. If you have not tried this tool before, today is the day to get started with w3 counter.

To get more clear for you to understand, I’m going to show you a screenshot of W3 counter that how it works.

W3 Counter

5. Hubspot analytics tool:

Hubpsot provide one of the best dashboards for their customer so that they can easily monitor their website traffic. Despite, Hubspot offers lot of tools for their customers, out of which some of them are very essential to use. Like other tools, Hubspot also provide best analytics reports about the sources where the traffic is coming from.

You can also track your email marketing campaign through this tool and set revenue goals within few minutes. Don’t you feel the smell of benefit?

Okay, try it free and you will be surprised that how essential it is to use.

To get more clear for you to understand, I’m going to show you a screenshot of hubspot analytics tool that how it works.


In a nutshell, monitoring your website traffic is the key to success of your business. You don’t need to spend much time to monitor your website. By using, the above-mentioned tools you will definitely save your lot of precious time and most importantly, you will get success in your business.