Follow 7 Tips to Make Your Tenants Pay Rent on Time

pay rent on time
pay rent on time

Owning the rental unit makes you happy. You get the right income from it. But if tenants don’t give this on time, then this is frustrating for sure. You need to deal with it.

There are many hassles that you may witness. You need to process the eviction to get rid of the same. But, it will not be at all cool. You want to go with it as the landlord lastly. You have to manage the same. Now, the question is how you can get the rent on time. For it, there are many things to take care of. Want to know how you can, then this article is here to brief you. Read this and have the information.

Tips for the landlord to have the rent on time

There are many things you have to take care of to get the rent on time. To know it, you just follow this write-up:

1. Do the perfect screening

You need to choose the best tenants. When screening will be perfect, then you get the best renters. So, automatically, there will be no problems with not having the rent. You just need to give importance to it and don’t forget to ask the below questions:

  • What is your source of income?
  • When do you pay the rent?
  • What will be the methods of paying?
  • What do they think about the late payment of rent?

The answers will help you to choose the right tenants. If you find anything wrong, then don’t choose them for your renters. You are already in a contract with them, then processing eviction will be the need here.

2. Strict with your rent collection policy

Your words may not something that your tenants take seriously. So, you need to make the agreement perfect. Mention the right terms and more in the rental contract for avoiding not paying the rent and more. So, you need to be transparent about these below things:

When the rent will be due

  • The payment methods
  • The consequences of not paying the rent on time
  • This gives the brief when tenants need to pay and all. So, you can have the rent on time.

3. Collect your rent online

You have to choose the online rent payment option. Yes, this is easier as well as effective. The people get the reminder automatically. So, the preparation is there. They keep that much amount and the automatic deduction gives you the same. You don’t find excuses for forgetfulness and more. So, it helps you to have your rent on time. Property Management Company will also appreciate this way to get the rent on time. So, allow it and the benefits will be there in your bag, don’t worry.

4. Handle professionally

You need to be professional while asking for the rent. Don’t even think to tell you will cut other facilities if they don’t pay. Remember that it is a threat. So, try to hold to use such words. It can go against you. The renters may hold the rent for more times to know what you can do. Obviously, this will never be the situation you love to have.

For avoiding the same, you need to control your words. Act professionally and this makes the situation easier. Personal attacks or threatening will never be welcomed.

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5. Ask for the penalties

You need to give the best rental property management. Otherwise, the tenants have the right to move out of the property. Similarly, having the rent on time is your right. If you don’t find it, then you can ask for the penalties. It is as per the law. But keep in mind that your lease document carries this message. Also, the paper should carry the message of the amount. So, keep this in mind and apply the same. This will help you to have the payment on time.

6. Offer discounts on early payments

You may ask the renters to pay early. Just mention good discounts with it. When you do the same, then it helps you to have the rent on time. Obviously, this makes rental property management easier too. So, go accordingly. You can just offer one laundry service free and more. Don’t forget to inform the tenants about it.

7. Fixing lower rent for the long-term tenants for the timely payments

You must know the higher tenants’ turnover cost you more. At the same time, if you don’t get the rent, then the problems for the property management and more will be there. So, for avoiding these situations, you just keep your rent lower. It will surely help you to have the rent and avoid other costs. Obviously, this becomes beneficial for each.


Well, these things you need to take care of and this helps you to have the rent on time. So, go accordingly. If you are not able to manage all, then hire the best property management Baltimore Maryland. The expert will make that perfect for you. But you can’t avoid taking these steps.