5 Best Tips To Make Your Online Meeting Successful

Make Your Online Meeting Successful
Make Your Online Meeting Successful

Making a good impression while meeting online is quite a difficult task. Speaking impressively and effectively is a skill and just like other skills, you can also learn it. You can master it with good practice. The skill of communicating impressively is one of the important and essential parts of our lives.

The importance of this skill at the workplace, to being heard in a meeting, right from communicating with your senior management, to make an impressive presentation can’t be emphasized enough. Ensuring that your message is clear and concise will go a long way in helping others understand your point of view. Ensuring that your thought is clear and concise will go a long way in helping your listeners understand your point of view. 

Well, this is the first skill and an important one also that recruiters look for while hiring an employee. Video calls, online team meetings, and presentations are becoming part of our daily routine. So, it has been more important to have the ability to be well prepared, deliver your messages easily and effectively, and employ logic will prove to be crucial. Today, in this post we’ve mentioned a few tips that can help you make a good impression by speak effectively during an online presentation or meeting: 

1. Examine your audience

Obsessively, we often fall into the trap of focusing on our presentation or what we want to convey while preparing for a meeting. It might help you to focus on your audience instead. Ask yourself, Who is going to be in the audience? What type of questions can they ask you? Do they like your presentation? 

2. Modulate your voice

Modulate voice plays an important role in effective communication. Work on your speaking volume, tone, pitch, and pace. Practice your speaking before you start your meeting. First, make sure your tone matches your words. Your voice pitch, volume, and pace can drastically change the way your words sound to your listeners. 

3. Make an impact

Always make sure to structure your thoughts in two important parts, the main point of your online meeting and evidence to substantiate your points. Always remember, When you give the reasons for your argument on any topic, people easily believe you. Use the data, facts, and statistics to convince your audience and deliver your ideas and thoughts more effectively. And always be prepared to counter queries during the meetings or presentations.

4. Be to the point

It is very difficult to keep people engaged in online meetings. Our routines are disrupted and we’re coming to terms with this new way of working, it’s quite difficult. Remember, time is precious so be to the point. Choose your presentation words carefully and present them effectively to sound important and confident. 

5. Connect with the listener

Another great way to deliver your ideas and thoughts effectively is to make a narrative around your content. Start your meeting or talk with a question, anecdote, or story. It will help in connecting with your audience better and they will focus on the characters and takeaways.