9 Best Locations for Bungee Jumping in China

Bungee Jumping in China
bungee jumping in china

China is a country rich in culture with ancient architecture, beautiful buildings, and incredible landscapes. It is the planet’s most populous country, most of them like bungee jumping. You can get lots of entertainment and fun with bungee jumping. It is the best activity that involves lots of adventures and a way to fight with your fear. You can enjoy your trip more with bungee jumping. If you’re going on a trip to China then you should try the bungee jumping there, to make your trip more memorable

. Bungee jumping occurs in many countries and getting the popular sport of them. You can also enjoy physical and mental exercise during the bungee jumping. Feel the excitement and beauty of nature during the jumping period.

The jumping fees depends on the particular locations and heights, as each bungee jumping location in china have different costs. If you’re thinking of bungee jumping then first consider your health. You should be physically and mentally fit to have a jump. There are some great locations in china that are popular for bungee jumping.

1. Juma River

Juma River

It is a river in northern China with a length of approximately 254km. It is a famous place for bungee jumping in China. This bungee jumping spot is located just south of the Great Wall. As this place is very attractive, it allows bungee jump from two different heights.

The height of the big tower is 55m and 45m of the other one in the Juma river. Break your fear, jump and feel the beauty of Beijing. Enjoy the scenery of the Juma River, as the main location of the Juma River, is just next to qilin mountain. Make your jump more memorable with the beauty of the Beijing Juma river.

2. Yesanpo

Bungee Jumping in

It is a national park in China, about two hours west of Beijing. The park is located where the taihang mountains and yan mountains meet. April through October are the best months for visiting the region when the scenery and weather are best. The scenic areas of yesanpo are well-developed for tourism. It is located in the baili gorge scenic area.

Bungee jumping at yesanpo is only for the experience and bravest people. The height of the jump from yesanpo is 62m. It is currently the country’s highest cliff-style bungee jump. Break your fear and jump from the height of the yesanpo, to enjoy your trip and feel the beauty of the scenery around yesanpo.

3. Shijingshan amusement park

Shijingshan amusement park

It is a theme park which is located in bajiao, shijingshan district of Beijing, China. It was opened on September 28, 1986. And operated by the shijingshan district government. It is the oldest amusement park in Beijing, with an area of 350,000 square meters. It is a park where people enjoy entertainment, physical exercise, human scenes, shopping, and eating.

Three entertainments are available related to bungee jumping are bouncing tower, rocket and flying in the sky. The height of the BJH36-2A rocket jumping tower is 42m, and the distance between the two towers is 28m. The cockpit is launched to a height to 48m by the elastic cords, then fall rapidly through the air until the cords catch the cocktail.

4. Qing long canyon

It is an ideal place to do extreme sports such as rock-climbing, bungee jumping or abseiling. Except for the snow and ice festival, it only opens to visitors from April 10 to November 15. Beijing qing long canyon is one of the largest jumping sites available in china. The place is great for the people who really want to feel the nature closely. Towards the water of the longxia lake dam, you will find yourself plummeting 70m downwards.

5. Yanqi lake

Yanqi lake

It is located at the foot of the Yanshan mountains, huairou district, a northeast suburb of Beijing, which is about 60km from the city center. The scenery of the lake is so beautiful that can match many popular lakes in the world.

This lake features colorful aquatic amusement facilities and beautiful natural waterscape. It is only one rocket-type bungee jumping in China. You can bounce up to the 50m- high sky with 5seconds, revolving around the clear blue sky and green lake.

6. Longtanhu park

Longtanhu park

It is a recreational urban park located in Dongcheng district of Beijing and just east of the temple of heaven. It is one of the largest parks which is inside the 2nd ring road of Beijing. Jump from the 50m tall tower and feel the natural beauty of Beijing. You can get a better bungee jumping experience through the longtanhu park.

7. Olympic sports center

Olympic sports center

It is a multi-purpose stadium in Beijing, China. Mostly used for football matches. It is an ideal place for bungee jumping for beginners. It is a great spot for bungee jumpers. Jump from the 24m height of the Olympic sports center which is not too high. With less height is great for beginners and people who have the fear of jumping and heights.

8. Jinjiang American park

Jinjiang American park

It offers only small height bungee jumping with 25m height of the shanghai Jinjiang American park. It is a modern amusement park with 40 entertaining facilities, to take advantage of them too. This theme park offers only small jumping but if you’re a beginner then we suggest you jump first over there.

9. Guangzhou


It is also known as formerly romanized and canton as Kwong chow or kwangchow is the most popular city and the capital of the province of Guangdong in southern China. The visitors never feel scared in these locations due to the easy, big and convenient nature of the location.

The bungee jump height of the Guangzhou is 45m, great for the bungee jumpers. Just take the jump and feel the nature and enjoy the scenery. It is a thrilling experience to jump off the heights of Guangzhou. This amazing location offers a bunch of things to discover like cool entertainment and exciting activities that are thrilling for everyone.

bungee jumping is a great adventure sport for young and fit people. There are lots of places in China that are famous for the bungee jump. So, which place you like most for bungee jumping in china? 

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