Is It Legal To Download Reddit Videos? How Do I Save Them?

Download Reddit Videos?
Download Reddit Videos?

Reddit has grown to be one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. Users have formed communities based on their interests. One of the most significant shortcomings is the inability to download videos directly from Reddit. To save reddit video hosted now on the website, users must use bots like’savevideobot’ and’redditsave.’

A user can submit videos to Reddit in two ways: externally or internally hosted videos. Users with internal hosting have no choice but to employ bots to download videos using the bots listed above. However, because of numerous complaints from copyright holders, bots like these are constantly in danger.

Redditd own loader us has the following features:

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Here are some of the features available on our website:

  • Downloading video with audio may be the most stunning point you’re looking for. This, as well as other unique features, are available on our website.
  • You can get save video from reddit thumbnails from this website.
  • You may also convert your Reddit mp4 to mp3, effectively turning your video into audio.
  • This website also allows you to download videos without the accompanying audio.
  • You may also control the video’s quality when downloaded. This website allows you to download high-definition videos.

Converter from Reddit to MP4

Regardless of the mp4 file size, this website can effortlessly merge audio and video.

Why are we here?

How to save a video from reddit?

You may discover alternative platforms that give all of these capabilities, but what distinguishes this platform for content downloads is that we provide safe and secure downloading while keeping the user’s privacy and security in mind. Not only that, but using approved devices and platforms to access and download material from Reddit requires no registration or sign-ups.

frequently come across postings like these that we want to save for offline viewing and sharing with other apps. Any video, especially one with sound, can be downloaded in various ways. We’ll now dive into the procedures and platforms for downloading videos on multiple devices such as iPhones, PCs, Android phones, and so on.

What is the best way to download Reddit videos with sound?

To assist you in audio component downloading the video with have provided some additional instructions on using this function. As previously said, Reddit does not allow for downloading, but we can do so with the help of a third-party video downloader. This option is available on several well-known websites and apps. 

All of you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

  1. Copy and paste the link of the video that you want to download
  2. Choose the video quality and export format (mp4, mp3, or both).
  3. On your Android or PC, go to the download option and select the folder where you want to save the file.

How can I save Reddit videos to my computer?

How to save a reddit video?

To download an MP4 file to your computer, you must first install a video downloader. When it comes to downloading videos from Reddit, you have various options. For your convenience, we’ve put up a step-by-step instruction –

  • Step 1: You have the option of using your default browser or downloading and installing a PC application.
  • Step 2: Go to in your browser. It’s important to note that you should use your browser rather than the app while downloading a video from Reddit.

The best Chrome extension for saving videos from Reddit –

Chrome extensions are web-based software programs that change the browser’s operation and add or modify current features. The ‘Chrome Web Store’ has chrome extensions that you may use to download the save video from reddit app. To install the best chrome extension, follow the steps below.

  • Step-1 Click [Recommend extension] after searching for RVDL.
  • Step-2 Allow permission by clicking on ‘Add extension’ after clicking on add to chrome.

Using the Internet Explorer browser

If you don’t want to install an additional app on your Android to download videos from Reddit, you can do it simply from a web browser. Browser-based video downloaders, such as ours, work just as well. you have to do now is copy and paste the movie URL and hit the download button.

How to Save Reddit Videos to Your iPhone or iPad

If you’re using the an iOS device like an iPad, Macbook, or iPhone, you’ll need to download the Reddit Video Downloader. The downloaded video will be preserved in Camera Roll, Cloud, or other cloud storage.

How to Use the Reddit Video Downloader Bot to Download Reddit Videos

Reddit has Reddit bots, which are nothing more than a program that can watch posts, comments, and gifs and respond to them autonomously, similar to how Telegram has a bot. You can use such bots to receive a response URL.

  1. is one of the Reddit video downloading bots. In a Reddit post with a video, mention this u/savevideo.
  2. You will receive a response in a matter of seconds.
  3. Select the download HD video option from the response link. The video will be downloaded to your device’s internal storage.

Before utilizing this shortcut, you must first download the IFTTT app from the Apple app store. When you’re finished, you can choose from a variety of subreddits.

Favorite Subreddits can be found here.

This shortcut does not require the IFTTT app. It works with your iPhone’s Safari software.

Downloader of Videos

If you use this shortcut, you won’t need to install any third-party video downloader apps. This shortcut works in Safari as well. You can copy and paste your Reddit video link into this shortcut to access the video and download it.


This is another dependable shortcut that saves your video to the web browser rather than the desktop.


Here are some random thoughts  may be running through your head.

How can I get Reddit gifs?

You may have come across some beautiful gifs on Reddit that you wished you could download and save. Here are a few suggestions for you:

  • You can utilize, which requires you to open Reddit and find the GIF you want to save.
  • Go to and paste the link there.
  • The gif will be saved to your device’s internal storage automatically.

It creates several ethical concerns in our minds, such as whether downloading Reddit videos is legal. The conclusion is that you are free to download any content for your personal use as long as you do not misuse it and provide credit to the owner.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, but selecting the right platform is essential to avoid mishaps and maintain security and privacy. As a result, whatever path you take, you must consider the available options, pricing, internet speed, and other factors.


Reddit, to their credit, abides by standard copyright regulations and would either prevent copyright content from being submitted or remove it later. However, this leaves a significant gap in their offering that bots can only fill.