Find Top 7 Ways to Keep Your Car Running Like New

Keep Your Car Running Like New
Keep Your Car Running Like New

Cars are of great help in commuting to the workplace daily and serves as a good means of transportation. However, to keep your car running efficiently daily maintenance is mandatory. It is recommended that the different parts of your car such as the external lights, handbrakes, horn and Tyre are in good condition. Hence you must take your car to your nearest center for car repair regularly for ensuring all the parts are functioning properly.

Here are some tips that can ensure the effective operation of your car for a longer time without any breakdowns.

1. Reducing the Driving Time Can Help Appreciably

By reducing the number of miles, you drive each week, you can save money on fuel and maintenance as it would take a longer time for your Tyre to wear out. Drive your car for a while to make sure the liquid is circulating and the parts are not rusty, but try to make a short trip if possible.

You don’t need to eliminate recreational driving, but try to focus on reducing your ride of pleasure.

2. Avoiding Revving Up the Car Engine Contributes to Good Overall Condition of an Automobile

As traffic laws continue to get tougher than smoother, don’t drive like a race car driver on city streets and highways. Slower acceleration is beneficial in boosting the overall condition of an automobile. Even if you start your car in the morning, you do not need to overhaul the engine, especially if it is cold.

It is essential to allow some time for the engine oil to reach the desired temperature before you begin to drive.

3. Changing the Water Coolant and Engine Oil is a Must for Smooth Running of a Car

It is essential to check out the manual of your car and the suggestions of the manufacturer to ensure the optimal running of your vehicle. According to the instructions of a manufacturer, you need to replace the engine oil of your car after every 1000 to about 3000 miles of travel.

Checking the level of water coolant is essential as always especially during seasonal change.

4. Storing Excess Weight Inside Cars Can Be Damaging

There is no reason to keep heavy loads stored inside your car at all times. The additional pressure exerted by the heavy goods causes unnecessary strain on your car Tyre. This excess weight can cause your Tyre to wear out faster.

Instead of using your car for storage purpose, it is essential to find appropriate storage space and avoid burdening your car with heavy objects.

5. Being Attentive to Your Car’s Engine Is Mandatory

Whenever you see anything weird about an engine, get it checked immediately. A loud squeaking noise from the engine or a startling noise when you open the car can indicate a serious problem that will get worse if you ignore it. Be attentive to the indicator light of your car’s engine.

Whenever it lights up consider taking it to a center for car service Dubai for a thorough inspection. Ensure the cylinder of your car engine is clean. The indicator light is valuable in warning you about the condition of your car’s engine.

6. Investing in Brakes, Tyre and Wheels of Good Quality Is A Must

Buying wheels, brakes and Tyre of top-notch quality can give good ROI. It would not only make your car safer but would help you in cutting down your cost on unnecessary repairs. Hence it is always better to spend more money initially on the investment of high-quality car parts.

Tyre are one of the most important parts of the car and hence care should be taken while purchasing spare Tyre for your automobile. Super-quality Tyre would offer added safety to your car and is worth the investment.

7. Changing a Car’s Air Filter Regularly Contributes to Optimal Functioning

It is recommended to replace an automobile’s air filter every 12000 miles to about 15000 miles. It is to ensure your car runs efficiently on the roads. The air filter prevents the entry of sharp particles and dust from entering your car’s fragile interior part. It is not a huge investment to make and can be done from time to time.

If the air filter gets clogged it will be unable to suck up air into your car’s combustion chamber. As a result, it would use less air and more gas. It will result in a drop in the efficiency of fuel and thereby poorer performance of your vehicle.