8 Home Decoration Ideas to Make this Diwali Special

Home Decoration Ideas

The air is already festive and Diwali is just around the corner. Everywhere you look, you greeted with beautiful lamps, pretty rangoli, and colorful lights. Give your home a touch of your creativity, while the market is filled with a wide range of decorated articles for the Diwali celebration. Make your home look unique and creative.

Diwali is the time of rearranging, cleaning and ushering in the new into your home. It is also that time to innovate your home and decorate it. There is a certain pride in making your own and give a new look to your sweet home. If you get bored with the old and common look of your home.

Keeping this in our mind we have listed some suggestions that you should try to give a new look to your home.

1. Clean your home before start decoration

Clean your home

Before you start decorating your home, first clean your home. Sweep, dust, do laundry and clean your rooms. To welcome the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune and wealth, during the celebration thoroughly clean your home. Diwali is also the start of a new year, so start fresh of many and get rid of old clutter. Goddess Lakshmi resides in cleanliness, according to Hindu belief. Clean every corner of your house and then decorate it beautifully.

2. Decorate the main door and entrance

Decorate the main door and entrance

Usually, people see the entrance of the house, so pay extra attention to the entrance of your home. It is not possible to paint the house every year. Surprise your family and friends by painting traditional art on the wall of your entrance.

Give a new and beautiful traditional touch to the entrance by wall painting, decorate the door with living torans, colorful light at the entrance, use fresh flowers at the entrance for fragrant Diwali, hang colorful planters, and use sculptured fairly lights at the entrance to welcome Diwali, the festival of lights.

3. Hang colorful strings of light bulbs all over the home

Hang colorful strings of light bulbs all over the home

Diwali festival is always incomplete without string light bulbs. Instead of contributing noise and air pollution, bursting crackers, families more focusing on the inclusions of lights and brightening up every corner of their homes. Place colorful seashells, paper cups, or doilies over light bulbs on a string and hang them for a dazzling display of color and lights. Hang the lights in a creative way that looks unique.

4. To brighten your spiritual room

To brighten your spiritual room

People taking more interest in decorating the spiritual corner of their home. Decorate your prayer room with flowers, lighting, and colorful rangoli as well as decorated diyas. Beautiful rangoli can be made using natural homemade colors and flowers of different colors, leaves, and petals.

Beautiful flower garlands can be hung on the door of the spiritual room. The colors of decor should peaceful, light, comforting and simple. Bring gota-patti curtains to this festival, which gracefully design your spiritual room. Design your spiritual corner beautifully and creatively.  

5. Innovate your kitchen

Innovate your kitchen

If you are looking for kitchen decorating ideas but don’t have the budget and time. Most kitchen decorating efforts are placed on countertops, appliances and cooking gadgets. The most noticeable and common change you can make in your kitchen involves the walls. Decorate your kitchen wall by giving it ab bold color and use patterned and textural wallpaper.

Stick designer paper on shelves with will an innovative look to your kitchen. Add string lighting to highlight the item, if cabinet wiring is an issue then use battery-powered lights. Hang handmade paintings on the kitchen wall and make a rangoli on the door of the kitchen. Showcase your creativity and surprise your family and friends with your talent.

6. Decor your bedroom creatively

Decor your bedroom creatively

We all get excited when thinking about decorating a room. Decoration of the room should be unique and adorable, use handmade things to decorate your bedroom. To make your room look beautiful drape string lights around doors, windows, furniture, and curtains.

Or make a simple flower garland curtain for your room and make flower chandeliers. Don’t use more diyas and candles in decorating the room, it can be harmful. Change your bedroom sheets, pillow covers, and curtains and wash them gently. Hang paper lanterns in bunches that gives a beautiful look. Decorate your room with flowers and garlands.

7. Living room decoration

Living room decoration

Give a new look to your living room area, with some creative and unique ideas. Creatively hang strings of light and hang a bunch of colorful lanterns in the center of the living area. Decorate the dining table with different colors of petals and leaves. Fairy lights can also use for an amazing glowing effect.

Themed coasters would be a perfect eye-catcher on this season. Create intricate designs to add an extra beautiful Diwali effect. Do not add many things, just go with a less and simple theme. If you have a child in your home, then try to ignore diyas and candles at a short height place. Celebrate safe and brighten Diwali this year.

8. Give a fresh look to walls

Give a fresh look to walls

Painting designs on walls is a great idea to make a blank wall more unique and colorful. You just need of wall stencils, paper towels, acrylic or wall paint, foam roller, and paint palette. For a bedroom use peaceful colors, use something bright & open for a kitchen and use dark & royal shades for dining room and family rooms.

Try to do simple designs on the wall that gives a classic look to your home. Paint carefully, the stain of paint on the floor and clothes are not easy to remove. The paint design will blend into the wall and looked like it was already part of the wall. Give it a beautiful shade, which may not look odd with furniture.

Diwali is a festival of colorful lights and decorations, one of the most significant festivals of India. This Diwali gives a fresh new look to your home and decorate it creatively. Decorate your sweet home by using these ideas and give us suggestions in the comment box which we need to improve.