Explore Top 5 Beaches on Gokarna Beach Trek Route

Gokarna Beach Trek Route
Gokarna Beach Trek

Is ordinary journeying is too standard for you? You need to encounter the adventure of journeying with a distinction. At that point you should add Gokarna beach trek to your travel list. Gokarna is a little temple town in Karnataka. It is famous for the Mahabaleswar Shiva temple situated in the primary Gokarna town.

Beaches on the route

Gokarna has a few sea shores and the trip course is prominently known as the “Golden Route “. The path will involve strolling on the beach sands by the side of the rough slopes on one side and far extending Arabian Sea on the opposite side. The trek will go through a few beaches beginning with the Belekan beach. Most of the people end their trek at the Paradise beach. But there is still one more beach, Belekan beach the least visited beach in Gokarna and arguably the most beautiful. 

Then you start your journey to Paradise beach. And after having a quick rest on the Paradise beach before moving on to the Half-Moon beach. The approach to Half-Moon beach is moderately troublesome as the course is loaded with rocky hillocks. Now moving onto an even popular one, Om beach which is shaped like OM when seen from a distance and sees voyagers spending longer hours there. From then onwards we will head to our final stop the Kudle beach.

Gokarna is located at 520 KMS from Bangalore and170 km from Panjim. It is an ideal spot to go through your ends of the week traveling on the sea shore and enjoying bouldering on the shores of the incomparable Arabian Sea. The spot is all the more appealing as it offers you the best of both the universes – trekking on the beach front lines around virgin hilly slopes. The journey is wonderful yet testing because of the abrupt climate conditions at the shore.

 So let’s start our trek without any further ado.  

1. Belekan beach

Belekan beach is the least visited among all the Gokarna beach. This is the most wonderful sea shore in Gokarna. Coming early morning to this spot is the best choice as you may observe the sunrise from the beach. In the event that you show up early in the morning then with the sunrise, you can enjoy the peaceful breeze and at that point, there won’t be another spirit on the seashore aside from the fishermen’s

2. Paradise beach

Paradise beach is a well-known camping spot among tourists. Here you will discover groups of individuals who will be packing up their tents in the morning following a marvelous night under the stars on the beach. It’s basic to specify that because of countless individuals that set up, there’s additionally a ton of garbage which is tossed on the seashore which is a thoughtless activity. In the event that you choose to camp here be careful to take your junk with you and not to litter along the sea shore

3. Half-Moon beach

Independent of whatever trail you follow on the Gokarna sea shore journey. This beach is a must-visit. There are numerous reasons, right off the bat the sea shore is uninhabited and the main individuals on the sea shore would be wandering tourists like you. Also, the food served on the beach shacks is presumably the most delicious in all of Gokarna. The half-Moon seashore is additionally called the crescent beach. Then comes the Om sea shore.

4. Om beach

The climb from half-moon beach to Om beach is an amazing one. This path will take you through the cliffs with the Arabian sea just beneath you. Of course, you should be a tiny bit cautious and keep up the balance, however, the path may be the view that you will get after the climb is worth the hardships. It’s additionally an incredible spot for clicking pictures. From that point move down to Om beach. The beach is divided into two segments.

The piece of the beach from where the trip to the Half-Moon begins has his shacks, incredible waves and few individuals. While the other portion of the beach from where you climb steps to go out of the beach onto the street is a tourists place. This is the place where water sports are done and there are scores of individuals swimming, reading books in the sun, playing football and having some good times

5. Kudle beach

Kudle beach is the last beach on the Gokarna journey. Despite the fact that it is a small sea shore it has the best shacks. After you arrive you can either eat at one of the beach shacks or you can rest in harmony and appreciate the beauty of the sea as you have finished the 5 beach trek.