Top Free Google Tools to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy

Free Google Tools
Free Google Tools

Search engine optimization and its significance in boosting your business is surely a no-brainer. Search engine optimization is a cluster of techniques used to attract organic traffic to the web pages which in turn will increase the visibility and success of your business.

With an increased need for the best SEO tactics for your digital success, website SEO services are on the rise. The digital era of the present times puts in more significance to the technique of search engine optimization. Most of the time it is the basics that take one far in the game and with the right understanding of the best tools and tips, your SEO game can become at the point by bringing in more benefits.

So what are the different tools that can help you with enhancing the search engine optimization strategy? With a lot of tools and techniques available we are going to discuss some free Google tools that will change your game of SEO for the better.

1. Google page speed insights

Just as the name suggests, it checks the speed of loading your site on multiple devices. Let us understand why this is important and why website SEO services are often sought out. The loading time and usability of your site in multiple devices when measured will give us an idea of why some readers don’t wait long. For every one time is precious, if your page is taking more time to load, then the reader is going to leave even before the content is produced.

So with this google tool, you can give in the URL of your web page and check the speed with the rankings they list. There will be a clear idea of how much time it is taking and how you can improve. The suggestions when acknowledged and inculcated can solve this problem in a lesser stipulated time. Added to this is the compatibility in the various devices like laptops, mobile phones, iPad, and more.

2. Google analytics

Another Google tool that helps in understanding the stream of organic traffic. Even though some factors of it are hidden, it is still very useful in its free form. The web page of yours will be intricately looked through and then details about which topic or page is receiving more traffic would be addressed. The keywords that are garnering more attention are not sent out, but using some other tools along with google analytics will surely give you an idea of your stream of organic traffic and how you can improve and optimize them for the maximum benefits.

3. Google search console

This Google tool is a web analytics tool that helps in web analysis of the page and diagnoses any technical issues if present. The backlinks used along with the keywords used are all looked through thoroughly even though there are certain limitations with the number of keywords and issues that are figured out. But overall these tools help in fixing some technical issues that have been figured out well in advance so that the web page is optimized.

4. Google ads keyword planner

This tool helps with the decision of the perfect keyword strategy. The suitable keywords for the topic along with the string of keywords, the competition, the content volume of theirs will all be mentioned well. The website SEO services make sure that these are used for the web page to curate a perfect keywords strategy for the benefit of your business and web page.

5. Google trends

This tool of google helps in finding out the recent trends and transitions in the area of interest. If you are thinking of creating content on a suitable topic, google trends helps in figuring out the recent developments in that particular sphere which will help you with curating the perfect content for the perfect time. Once you are aware of the popular topic in the field, you can now circle and center your content on the topic. So this will increase your readership and business as people are getting products and services that are on the page and is popular right now.

6. Google alerts

A very simple but effective tool by google which sends you emails and notifications when there is an online mention of brands, products, and companies. This is great as you will have an idea of who is searching for similar stuff and can use this as the opportunity to reach out to them for further benefits in the business and space. Website SEO services will surely help with each of these tools and add to the overall strategy of search engine optimization.

So these are certain google tools that are free to use for enhancing the SEO strategy of your website or business. These are sure to help for the best within the limitations of each of the tools.