9 Must Have Features of Telemedicine App 7 Development Cost

Telemedicine App Development

A healthcare organization develops a telemedicine app to achieve multiple goals at once. From enabling patients to stay in touch virtually to offering an enhanced patient care, a telemedicine app can be helpful for healthcare organizations in multiple ways. A telemedicine app development company can integrate technological advancements to help doctors manage patients effectively in this pandemic age and beyond. 

Talking about the must-have tools for a telemedicine app, a camera and a microphone are all users need to strengthen doctor/patient relationships online. Let’s understand the key benefits of a telemedicine app before discussing the features and major cost-deciding factors for developing such an app.

Telemedicine App Development

Major Benefits of Telemedicine Apps You Need to Know

Apart from offering easy access to physicians in a faster way, a telemedicine app benefits patients in multiple ways. Thanks to video calling, patients can meet with doctors in real-time and get diagnosed accurately.  On the other hand, doctors can connect and answer the patient’s questions instantly without contacting physically. In this pandemic age, a telemedicine app is nothing short of a technological boon. 

When you develop a telemedicine app, patients can get access to the entire system of healthcare services. Be it sending reminders or health tips, it is easy for the healthcare institutes to offer excellent patient experiences through a telehealth app. This app acts as a proper place for accurate and substantial medical information. The telemedicine app development company can also integrate some features to generate revenue from the app. 

Healthcare Startup

As technology evolves, a customized telemedicine app enables you to replace a physical building, especially if you run a healthcare startup. If your practice is on a medium to a larger scale, there is no point in depending solely on a telemedicine app. However, with AI and ML-powered features and IoT-based integrations, the telemedicine app can assist specialists to provide treatment during certain types of emergencies. 

A telemedicine app can make scheduling simpler for the patients. This app facilitates patients to know the doctor’s availability and they can schedule an appointment instantly. You can develop a telemedicine app to enable patients to get rid of waiting on the phone for scheduling an appointment or seating in the hospital for waiting for their turn. In a way, a telemedicine app brings automation in an appointment scheduling feature. Small and large hospitals can save bucks on recruiting people for scheduling appointments on phone by using this app. 

Finally, a telemedicine app facilitates doctors to access the patient’s EHR and share the same with other specialists instantly. Doctors can easily diagnose the disease and start treatment accurately by going through the patient’s case history. What’s more, a HIPAA compliant telemedicine app includes necessary features for medicolegal and healthcare insurance departments. 

Let’s dig deep into the key features of a tailored telemedicine app. 

Must-have Features for Telemedicine Apps

Telemedicine app development enables healthcare organizations to get desired features. Here are the most prevalent features of a bespoke telemedicine app. 

1. Registration for Patients and Doctors

Doctors and patients need to register themselves using the contact details. Doctors and patients can register separately. 

2. Profile Creation

Patients can include key information related to their height, weight, etc. and the doctor includes information related to their experience, specialty, and the like. 

3. Video Chatting 

Real-time chat can enable patients to explain their symptoms and the doctor can diagnose them properly. 

4. Real-time Text and Emails

This feature acts as a chatting platform for doctors and patients alike. It is a simple yet effective way to communicate. 

5. Key Information

It includes all types of healthcare-related information so that the app users or patients can get useful information and medical advice even without taking the physician’s consultation. 

6. Appointment Scheduler

This is the most important feature of a telemedicine app. Doctors can put their availability or time slots when they are free to take new cases, and patients can schedule appointments on these slots. Patients can also reschedule the appointment and get reminders in real-time through this feature. The appointment scheduler feature also enables doctors to sync appointments to their calendars. 

7. List of Physicians with Rating

Patients can find a specialist for their illness using this feature. This list has filters to narrow down the search. Patients can also look at all the details and ratings for the doctors. All such information enables patients to find the right doctor for them. 

8. Payment Gateway

The telemedicine app development company enables healthcare organizations to accept online payment securely for consulting through integrating a payment gateway. Once the doctor is selected, patients can easily pay the prescribed fees using their convenient ways including credit card, debit card, UPI, and net banking. 

9. Real-time Notifications

All these major and other additional features with HIPAA compliance decide the cost of a telemedicine app development. However, the development cost varies from the perspective of the hourly rates of developers. Let’s understand the cost-determining aspects of a telemedicine app. 

Telemedicine App Development Cost- Top Factors to Consider

A telemedicine app development company considers various factors while determining the development cost of a telemedicine app. A telemedicine app development consists of developing two apps- one for patients and one for doctors. A CMS is also necessary to integrate for managing all the data and various app elements. An app development platform-Android or iOS also plays a vital role in determining the cost. Finally, the hourly rate of developers and the complexity of features weigh high on the app development cost. Considering all these factors, the price of a telemedicine app ranges between $20000 to $100,000. 

Concluding Lines

Developing a telemedicine app is a complex and expensive project. But, it’s worth it because more people tend to prefer telemedicine in this pandemic age. This trend is going to stay, and technology will make the concept more easy and useful over the period.