7 Factors in Your Resume That Decrease the Chances of Hiring

factors to avoid in resume
factors to avoid in resume

The resume is the first document that you present in front of the company where you wish to get your dream job. It is very important to prepare a power-packed resume that could impress the hiring manager in a few seconds.

In today’s competitive market, it’s very important to have a strong resume that must work for you and smooth your way to get hired for the job.

-A survey has shown that almost 250+ job applications are received by the HR manager for every position which is opened.

Almost 95% of the organization around the globe use the software, which is known as ATS- Application Tracking System. It is used to screen the applications and cut off the least qualified ones.

-According to a study, a recruiting manager only takes 6-7 seconds to look at each resume. In this short period, he decides either the applicant deserves to be at the position or he must be in the no pile.

Build a Perfect resume

A person who is hustling for a job must master the skills of how to build a perfect resume because it is the only thing that can make an impression on the HR. This impression would either make your way to the job or break that way. So here it is very important to make the CV in a way that it must not get rejected.

However, it is very common that you might have an outstanding resume, but still, you are unable to get hired for any open position. Job hunting is not a piece of cake, even after being extremely qualified and a perfect cream choice for the job, do you still not get a positive answer?

Have you ever looked into this matter that why this is happening?

Have you tried to tailor your resume after several rejections?

Here I am presenting you the 7 key factors that might be hurting your resume and are decreasing your chances of hiring for any job. After reading this article, make sure to have a keen look at your resume. Resume Writing Services supported, search for those hurting factors from following in your CV, and if found any, eliminate that right away.

1. Impact of personality:

People believe in showing their personality in the cover letter or the interview. This is 2020, and there is no chance of an HR manager to read the cover letter and find your potential. Resumes have now taken a vast change, and you must be adding your personal information right in your resume.

Your CV is almost the same, just like others, and the recruiter can make no difference. Here your creativity skill comes in action, and you can craft your character and qualities in a great way. Make sure to reveal your personality smartly!

2. Vague language with irrelevant information:

Have a look at your CV with the eye of an HR manager? Have you used vague language? Using words like probably, some, could, maybe, and others always result in the decrement of the chances of your hiring. Make every quality sound authentic and smart enough to fit for a job.

There is no requirement to add irrelevant information in your resume. The recruiter is never interested to know how bright you were in your secondary classes. If you have done this mistake in our updated CV, remove it right away.

3. Being dishonest:

Be sure about the days of the internship, which you did last. Also, ensure that whatever the qualities you have added in the resume are completely authentic and true about yourself. CV Writing Help penned, being dishonest can negatively impact the chances of hiring at the job.

If you are answering any of the experience and its related questions in a doubtful way, it is highly recommended to reconsider. Keep in mind, write the truth in your CV and be proud of it because authentic information will increase the chances of hiring.

4. Absence of impressive layout:

What about the appearance of your resume? Does it look like a busy and frustrated one or is it easy to read? Have you designed it simply and impressively or is it visually not promising?

Do not use a mixture of different colors and fonts ever. Keep your CV neat and clean enough to read. There is no requirement to add any extra information on a single page. Also, you can check the examples of amazing layout designs for the resumes.

5. Typing error:

The mistakes in spellings, errors in punctuation, typing, and grammatical mistakes, and these all together will make your resume end-up in the rejection pile. There can be a lot of mistakes in your resume when you have just completed it, but here is the solution.

Sleep peacefully after crafting the draft of the resume, then give it a fresh check and read it backward. I use this strategy to check the content as well. It will help you to catch more mistakes. A thorough proofread of the resume will increase the chances of hiring.

6. Use of correct keywords:

Whenever you send a resume to any job opening, make sure to use the correct and targeted keywords. Add those specific words and phrases in your resume, which the recruiter must scan at first look.

This technique will also help to increase the chances of hiring for the job. Also, always tailor your CV for every other vacancy and use the targeted keywords.

7. Confusion between accomplishments and responsibilities:

This is the most common mistake in resume writing. You have to share your accomplishments in the resume, and there is a difference between accomplishments and duties. You should define your experiences, skills, and achievements in the CV, which must grab the attention of the recruiter.

Check your resume again and edit it accordingly. After adding relevant experience and successes in the field, your resume will surely stand out of the crowd.

Crafting a resume is a difficult task undoubtedly, but once you have made it perfectly, it can ease the path of the job hunt. Eliminate those negative factors which are mentioned above and are present in your resume because they are hurting the chances of your hiring. Make sure to build the resume in an amazing way, which impresses the job recruiter so you can win outstanding job opportunities.