6 Best Facebook Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Facebook Video Marketing Tips
Facebook Video Marketing Tips

In this digital era, social media engagement has reached very high levels. Nowadays, brand marketing is being done in many creative and unique ways. Video marketing is one such strategy which has emerged out as a core and strong way to promote your brand.

Video marketing has become powerful means of communicating your brand values and ideas. Through videos, you can advertise your brand, tell a story about your brand, run a campaign for your brand, show reviews of your product, make a recommendation video or can do an unboxing video and other creative videos. 

Facebook has always been a visual medium and is a great platform for video marketing. It just not only shows off your brand’s personality and connects emotionally with an audience, but it also keeps Facebook user’s attention. We would like to show you some statistics of Facebook videos-

Facebook has 2.2 billion active monthly users. That is more than a quarter of the world’s population!

There are 8 billion daily video views on the platform

84% of marketers promote videos on Facebook

Facebook live is now used by 35% of video marketers 

Facebook users spend 3 times longer watching live video compared to a non- live video

49% of consumers engage with branded videos on Facebook which is almost double than any other platform

Incredible it is! Isn’t it???

After seeing such a huge viewership, you can also go for Facebook videos for marketing of your brand. And for that, Designviva will share with you 6 important tips for the best Facebook video marketing-

1. Scheduling the video for maximum viewing

Your audience can be in a different time zone. So, it is important to schedule your video post ahead of time and during peak hours so that it can reach wider audiences. Scheduling should be properly targeted and optimized. You can set up a publishing schedule for your Facebook page which will help you to organize your videos according to your audience availability. For that, just choose the ‘Schedule Post’ option from the dropdown menu as you go through the upload process. You can also set the news feed distribution schedule.

2. Keep the video short and exuberant

Facebook itself recommends that videos less than 2 minutes are more effective as it makes a greater impact on audiences than the longer videos. So, keep the video short, sparky, intriguing, and compelling which gains the potential to become viral very fast and deliver the core message of your brand. The video should be made in the interest of the viewer so keep the plot strong and narrate it very well visually.

We would like to recommend that you limit your video between 15-90 seconds. People retain 65% of Information through a video rather than a text or image. There are few videos which have not used the language or can say that the language is not understood globally but still going viral and grabbing attention as the message is strong.

3. First few golden seconds

You need to make the first few seconds count as the first five-ten seconds are vital to grab the attention and to hook your viewer. These few seconds act as a golden window to compel your audience to watch the full video. The best way to boost engagement is to create curiosity, ask a question or build up suspense. Show new and exciting uses for your product and how beneficial it is. The narration of the video should be appealing to the audience. Optimize the content of the video, it should be well focused and comprehensible. Value the attention of your viewer.

4. Eye catching thumbnail

This is very important so do not forget to give a captivating thumbnail to your video. If the video stops playing, then it will still show the thumbnail image, so you keep in mind that thumbnail is equally important. Facebook itself recommends that if your thumbnail image has text in it then it is also subject to their 20% text policy, so choose something with minimal text.

The recommended text length is of 90 characters. When you create an ad, you will get a preview of what people will see in the newsfeed on desktop and mobile devices. Picking the wrong image could seriously jeopardize the outcome of your Facebook video. So, do not skip this design step when preparing your next Facebook video.

5 .Facebook features

Yes! You can use them too for your video. Utilize Facebook features like “Facebook Live”, “Facebook 360”, Facebook Story, and Facebook Cover Design. They are advantageous in interacting with the audiences. They are beneficial in promoting your brand and broadcasting the video. So, it is a must try!

6. Call-to-action tab

Facebook Call-to-Action button allows you to draw attention to a video on your website from your Facebook cover image. Its buttons consist of Shop Now, Learn More, Watch Video, Sign Up, etc. Call-to-Action tabs can be a website traffic driver for people who visit your page.