Effortless EML to PST Conversion: A User-Friendly Guide for Outlook Integration

EML to PST Conversion with Advanced Software(1)
EML to PST Conversion with Advanced Software(1)

Do you intend to switch from Outlook to Windows Live Mail? Do you look up the answer to the question, “Effortless EML to PST Conversion?” Many users have these kinds of queries, so I have decided to write a blog on it. Here I will help you by providing the best possible solution, so stay here for a while in order to get the best.

EML file format is nothing but the file format of an email message, with .eml as the extension. Several email clients create and support EML files, including Windows Live Mail, Entourage, eM Client, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail, among others. An email file has properties similar to those of a standard email.

Verified and Secure Solution for Effortless EML to PST Conversion

However, the most widely used email program among business people is Outlook. It contains a number of useful features that make it easy and methodical to store database entries. PST is an Outlook file type. Email messages, tasks, events, appointments, calendar entries, contacts, and other mailbox objects can all be found in a PST file. A PST can be very big, unlike an EML, because it includes a lot of data. It is advantageous to convert EML to PST since it enables users to Open EML files in Outlook with EML to PST Converter.

DataVare EML to PST Converter helps you know how to convert EML to PST in Outlook. I will tell you all its enhanced features later, First, we learn how it works. Although some professional solutions have a price tag, customers can find them affordable when contrasted to the time and effort manual conversion would require.

Why Choose a Professional Solution over the Free Method?

  1. Technical Knowledge: The manual approach frequently requires command-line tools and intricate stages, which can call for a high level of technical knowledge. Users who are not accustomed to using the command line can choose a professional solution that is easier to use.
  2. Efficiency in terms of time: Professional software is often created to streamline the conversion process, making it quicker and more effective. It can take a while to manually convert each email from MBOX to PST, especially for those with huge email archives.
  3. Data Integrity: Professional solutions frequently include components that guarantee data integrity when converting. If manual procedures are not used appropriately, a larger risk of data loss or corruption can exist.
  4. Friendly User Interface: Professional software often provides a friendly user interface that makes the conversion process easier. This makes a wider range of users, even those without highly developed technical abilities, able to utilize it.
  5. Batch Conversion: To save time and effort, users can convert many MBOX files to PST at once using a variety of expert solutions. Manual techniques frequently call for painstakingly converting each file.
  6. Support and Updates: Professional software frequently includes customer support and routine updates, assuring the tool’s compatibility with the most recent email client versions. Manual techniques could not provide as much assistance or versatility.

Take Note of All Essential Steps to Resolve How Do I Convert EML to PST

  • Firstly, get an EML to PST Converter by installing it.
  • Proceed with adding the required files and folders.
  • All these added data are displayed with one checkbox with each file; carry on by choosing the required files.
  • From the “Export” option, choose PST as the output format.
  • Then users can fill up the filter options’ field. Then click on “Browse” to select the desired destination location for the resultant files.
  • Start the processing by clicking on “Convert” and end it successfully by pressing “OK.” You will also receive a success notification in TXT format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which Operating System supports EML files to PST Tool?
: EML to PST Tool is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Question: Can I take a demo of the software?
: Of course, a free demo is available for users.


I hope users now have clarity regarding how to convert EML to PST in Outlook format. If you still have any doubts, you can use the demo facility that allows converting 25 EML files free of cost. And you can launch the demo edition on various Windows and Mac operating systems.