Top 5 Best Easter Games & Activities for Kids

Easter Activities for Kids
Easter Games & Activities for Kids

So the upcoming is Easter, what are your plans for the day? Easter is a very special day and celebrated all over the world with different names and cultural traditions. Travelers might have planned or even booked their trips for the Easter as we did. People also plan activities like cooking, partying or tripping and other activities. I have some tips for the activities this Easter for you and your kids.

Best things to do on Easter day:

Here are some of the activities worth doing on your very special Easter to enrich the experience.

1. Roll your Egg and win the race:

This is an activity very famous among the kids and their parents to start their Easter weekend with. What you mean by rolling the egg by the way? Hmm, I guess rolling egg in Burger or something else? No no no/

Let me tell you how to roll your egg on this Easter. You have to take an egg and crack it from the rare side to make sure that it should not be broken. Fill the egg with something so that it gets some weight and can roll further in the race. Mostly in Christian families, there is a tradition to roll the egg from the hilly type garden up to down. Kids run with their rolling eggs to support the egg to go farther and win.

This is a great fun activity to start a wonderful Easter weekend with your kids in any of the nearby parks with hill slope. The game has different rules to follow and it varies, set your own rules and start with the activity.

2. Egg Hunting for Toddlers or Even Elder Kids:

It is something literally amazing. Kids or elders who are not interested in Egg rolling are introduced with a new and interesting activity Egg hunting.

Families can also play that in their gardens or any open public place. There are decorated empty eggs one has to find and fill his/her basket with. A person with the highest number of Eggs collected will win and receive a gift.

The other way round, the same game has another way to be played. Likewise, there are a number of ways to play this game worldwide. Different cultures influence the activity with the local traditions and it is a very interesting aspect of the event.

During the research, I came to know that Easter is celebrated in different parts of the globe with different names, ways and perspectives and even on different dates. A few of the famous are Holi, which Hindu community celebrates with the same colors that the Christian community uses to make their Easter colorful. Nouroz is one of the other perspectives of Easter and been celebrated in Iran and other Muslim countries with almost the same delights and joys. Easter has been celebrated even before the birth of Jesus Christ. In Iran, It is said that Norouz was the traditional event of Fire Worshipers. So I see this aspect of the very special event very interesting and captivating.

3. Dance on the Old Beats:

It is said to be a Bunny hope party and traditionally observed in many Western countries. After spending a great day with lots of activities, and even taking the grand dinner, you can arrange a family party to dance on the old beats.

You can add different elements to your activity. These days, people enjoy spending their good time in pubs. To make it family-friendly, you should arrange it at your home. You may have various ideas to make it funnier.

4. Kids Enjoy More being outdoor:

For kids, it is natural that they enjoy their moments outdoor. You can arrange a long drive and pack your lunch or dinner with you. It would have a different impact on your Easter Celebration.

Also, pack something to play outside. I would suggest you pack football, Frisbee, Ludo or something your kids take interest in. You can participate with them and make their day more special.

If you are on a beach destination, you may have a number of water sports, and activities on the sand like burry something to hide and ask your kids to find. You can also make a castle with sand and make some interesting faces. It would be more fun.

5. Plan a Movie with your Family:

It is one of the very common and great activities you can arrange at home. There is a lot of collection on Netflix or YouTube to watch family-friendly movies on weekends. Or you can get the CD, or transfer a movie from the nearby shop.

I wish you a very happy Easter with a lot of activities.