5 Ways to Use Drinkware for Your Brand Marketing

Drinkware for Brand Marketing

In order to achieve defined business goals, companies do need to work on strong marketing strategies that could produce the required results for them. Be it old times or the modern 21st century, it has always remained the fact that strong marketing campaigns are the necessary pillars businesses need to thrive in the market. The organizations that do not work on their marketing plans, get the losses in the market, in fact, potential bankruptcy as well.

Meanwhile, it should also be noted wisely that with the changing times, the norms of marketing are also getting changed. Today, businesses cannot just rely on brochures or flyers to reach out to their customers, neither can they just hand out business cards to everyone to get leads in the market. Time has changed so that the practices of marketing are.

Today, it is necessary to roll out something in the market that can attract customer impressions. Something that can remind them about the brands even when they are not in use. Many companies heavily pay attention to this domain and use various kinds of promotional products in the market. These types of promotional gifts help customers to know the brands, as well as their message with the product.

So, what is the best promotional product you should use in the market to attract customers? Well, the answer is simple, something that could come into everyday usage i.e. Drinkware. 

Drinkware is the best promotional product one can use to leverage the leads from the market. They are handy, easy, and perfect to use anywhere. In fact, many companies are already doing it and are getting top branding sales for their business. Here are some stats below that could help you to understand the significance of these Promotional Drinkware products.

Top Stats about the Significance of Drinkware Promotional Products

Here are some proven facts that could help you to understand the importance of Drinkware in marketing:

  1. According to a survey in the US, 78% of the consumers own promotional drinkware products, as well as uses it daily in their routine life.
  2. More than 71% of the people in the US think that it is good to do business with the brands that have given them drinkware products.
  3. An average customer keeps the Drinkware product for almost around 1 year, which is quite a long time in terms of customer acquisition.
  4. Each Drinkware product creates around 1400 impressions during its lifetime, giving companies the freedom to promote their brands on complete automation.
  5. More than 85% of the baby boomers own drinkware products, which means that you can acquire millions of customers using just a simple custom logo Drinkware.

How to Perfectly Incorporate Drinkware in Your Marketing

1. Welcome Your Customers Perfectly

You can use your customized Drinkware to welcome your newly acquired customers. This just not only works as a welcome gift but a gesture that shows about your business value, how you treat your customers, and their relationships. You can gift any custom water bottle inside a backpack, integrated with a few other promotional gifts like pens, notepads, key chains, and other similar products.

2. Monthly Drinkware Giveaways Are a Good Option

It’s a quite good option to offer monthly or quarterly giveaways to your customers, as it helps to keep them intact with your business. Similarly, you can also offer these products to those people who are interested in your business, as these promotional products are the perfect gifts that can help you to leverage any untapped market of the customers. In short, using these Drinkware products in giveaways, you can get automated customer acquisition without doing any hard work or massive marketing campaign. 

3. Gift Drinkware to Your Clients on Special Events

It is always advised to value your customers more than anything. Customers are like your assets and you must have to care for them. You should know what their likes and dislikes are, in fact, what are their special events. It is a nice idea to gift your potential customers a custom logo Drinkware on their special events. You can print any message on them, based on the likes of your customers. It can really help you to appeal to your customers and make them feel valued so that they can relate better with your business. 

4. Use Them at Promotional Shows/Events

Gone are the day when only pens and notepad were used for promotional services. Now, the world has changed and it has moved on towards new interactive products like Drinkware. You can easily use these Drinkware products at your stall in any promotional event or show. You can disperse these handy Drinkware products among all the attendees of the event. Make an impression on them with a quick glance. These portable and handy Drinkware products play a really important role in building an impression for your business. An everlasting imprint that can strongly help to acquire customers.

5. Offer Customized Drinkware to Each Unique Customer

In order to get your customers perfectly, offer them what they want. It is always advised to reach out to your customers with the exact branding that they like. Because it helps them to relate to your brand and business objectives. You can offer customized Drinkware to every unique client. You can keep in the notice about their priorities and likes. This would help you to reach your customers in the way they want. Moreover, it will help you to deliver them the right message that can help them convert. 

Final Words

We have demonstrated in detail why Drinkware is important for promotional marketing. We have discussed how to adequately use them. If seen from the perspective of marketing, these products are really powerful. These help businesses to achieve their goals easily. They are easy to style and project in the market, as well as cost-effective in budget too. They are indeed the new flare of promotional marketing and a product that can relate better with any section of the consumer.