4 Digital Marketing Factors That Are Dominating The Market

Digital Marketing Factors
Digital Marketing Factors

Digital marketing strategies are changing every year. And this year, as well, has come up with new business opportunities for marketers with some new digital marketing factors.

Many often we find marketers emphasize the digital marketing strategies ignoring the dominating factors that influence the business. This is where they go wrong. Despite the evolution of new digital marketing technologies and ideas, certain marketing factors rule over the business.

Even the best digital marketing company considers them while introducing the traditional business in the digital world. After all, these factors determine whether the business is moving along with the trend or it is using backdated ideas to evolve online.

Would you like to learn about the new digital marketing factors that are dominating the market this year? Well.

4 Dominating digital marketing factors

1. Marketers are using multiple advertising platforms:

A few years ago, when it comes to advertising a brand using paid methods like PPC, marketers used to blindly run PPC campaigns on Google AdWords. For them, Google Ads is the only best platform that can draw huge traffic to the site.

However, the picture has changed a bit. Marketers today, do not want to lose any scope of ruining the volume of website traffic. Even if there is single traffic, they want to go for it. Hence, they choose multiple platforms to feature their ads.

Apart from Google AdWords and Bing Ads, they choose different social media networking platforms like LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads. Bidvertiser, RevContent, and Avertise.com are some more popular advertising platforms that marketers usually pay for.

2. Chatbots are in high demand:

A couple of years back, marketers were struggling with building a customer-business relationship. They hardly had time to interact with the customers as a result of which they fail to build strong customer engagement. However, this kept on going until the day virtual assistants emerged for their service.

Chatbots are the virtual assistants that are used to interact with the customers and visitors in a way as if a person is having a real-time conversation with them. Implementing a chatbot on a website saves time and efforts of the marketers, creating a customer-friendly platform for the users.

No matter what’s time, the chatbots are ready to interact with the users and provide them with relevant information. They help to create a strong business relationship with the customers, building brand credibility, and spreading brand awareness.

It is said that 63% of users worldwide prefer to interact with chatbots. Why don’t you take the leverage to drive more traffic to the website?

3. PPC and SEO are now in a relationship:

Which one to choose PPC or SEO? – is often a debate made among the marketers. However, the importance of PPC and SEO has compelled the marketers to choose both for better performance.

Marketers have understood how significant it is to run both PPC and SEO campaigns for better traffic and better conversions. SEO is a digital marketing technique that defines high search engine ranking for a web page. Whereas, PPC is an advertising technique that uses different advertising platforms to run paid ad campaigns.

Both PPC and SEO when integrated in a proper way with proper use of keywords add a new dimension to the business nowadays. If one is used to bringing the website at the top of every search engine result page, the other works to bring more traffic and more clicks to the website.

The relationship between PPC and SEO is needed. Understand this before you try to keep them apart.

4. Marketers are banking on visual elements:

Most of the marketers are now relying on visual elements to build high engagement. It has been analyzed that visual elements like videos and images contribute a lot more to brand engagement when compared to normal content. They draw the attention of the audience within a second and encourage the viewers to browse into the website for further action.

Other than the pre-snapped videos, live videos are getting more popular nowadays. Facebook live video or the Instagram live chat engage a huge audience with the brand.

85% of online shoppers prefer watching online videos or interacting with marketers in the live video chat session before making any purchase. This builds brand reliability, ensuring the customers about product authenticity. 


Digital marketing factors when implemented with traditional marketing efforts do exceptionally well. Be it is a small-scale marketer or a large-scale enterprise, these factors remain the same for everyone. Even an individual who is willing to become a public figure gives importance to these factors.

The factors, no doubt, increase the business reach, scale up the conversions, improve the business sales, and eventually contribute a lot to the betterment of business ROI.

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