What is a Conduit Gate Valve? How it Functions?

Gate valves are popular tools used in the piping industry for regulating the flow. A gate valve is commonly used for completely closing off a fluid flow or opening up a path for liquid flow. Hence a gate can be used in either of the purposes based on the requirements of a customer.

Gate valves are of different types. In this article, we will be considering the conduit gate valve.

What is a Conduit Gate Valve


A conduit gate valve is an isolating valve. It is designed by the companies for the full closing of liquid flow. The conduit valve is further divided into two types, namely, through conduit expanding gate valve and through conduit slab type gate valve.

Through conduit slab type gate valve:

Through Conduit Slab Type Gate Valve: these valves are robust in connections. They are knowns as piggable valves as pigs and scrapes can easily flow through it without creating any damage to the valve and the seat.

Through Conduit expanding gate valve: 

Even this type of valve is substantial in construction and provides easy maintenance. This valve is suggested for customers who are looking for a tight mechanical seal. Because through conduit expanding valve does not require line pressure to seal.

Functions of a conduit gate valve

The conduit gate valve is generally being used for pipelines working with high pressure or with high water flow. The principal function of gate valves is to regulate the fluid flow. The conduit gate valve includes a wheel, an essential part of a gate valve.  The turning of the wheel is required for either opening or closing off it.

The conduit gate valve can function under extreme conditions; they can be used for transport of liquid for temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius. Conduit gate valves are a full bore piggable valve that is widely used for regulating the fluid flow and not to modulate the flow within the pipe.

The conduit gate valves primarily open up the wedge or gate that is standing in the path of fluid flow, for easy running. They are particularly suitable for long-distance piping systems.

Bottom Line:

The conduit gate valve is an excellent gate valve with high performing features. They are generally used in the transportation of water, non-corrosive liquids, petroleum, and its products, natural gas production, collection, and storage. Investing in quality conduit gate valves manufactured by reputable companies guarantees its performance.

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